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  1. Klepper

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Wow, never knew liquid cooled cables existed. That's pretty cool. So far, I have not had any issues handling the cable at EA stations. It has seemed pretty easy to plug into the car. Also, my plug and charge works perfectly. I guess I have just been blessed with good luck on this car...
  2. Klepper

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Don't these two things go hand in hand though? You need the big, bulky, heavy cord to be able to handle the power to hit those huge charge rates?
  3. Klepper

    How did you pay for your Taycan?

    This is me as well. I prefer to have my debt against appreciating assets, not cars. Just my personal preference.
  4. Klepper

    Lock in pricing on deposit?

    I negotiated my price with Porsche Austin at the time, then once we agreed on price I put down the deposit. I had them send paperwork showing the price we agreed upon.
  5. Klepper

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    Same as the other posters here - I thought it sounded pretty neat for about the fist 5 min of the test drive, then I turned it off as it got annoying. I did not spec it on my car.
  6. Klepper

    Taycan Cool Bag

    Can't you just buy something like this from a third party for much cheaper?
  7. Klepper

    Which option did you have the hardest time reaching a decision?

    For me, it was springing $4,700 for the Black/Bordeaux Red interior OR $4,680 for the 21" CT Design Wheels. I could not do both. I chose the interior. I figured I could always change the wheels in the future, but pretty tough to change out the interior!
  8. Klepper

    Anyone considering other EV's?

    I am interested in the "S" version of the Etron (the SUV, not the Etron-GT sedan).
  9. Klepper

    Have I made the right choices? (Too much time to think whilst waiting)

    Gentian Blue is definitely the right choice!! :clap: (I might be biased though.....)
  10. Klepper

    Can’t wait until tomorrow…..

    Looks great! Congrats, you will love it.
  11. Klepper

    What Brand NEMA 14-50 Outlets to Get or Watch Out For?

    The car comes standard with the PMC+ which includes the "240 Volt NEMA 14-50 supply cable for Mobile Charger". When you buy the upgraded "Mobile Charger Connect" for $1,120, it also comes with the 14-50 supply cable as standard. That is why it's not shown as a selection on the configurator...
  12. Klepper

    Let’s count how many CTs have made it into the road so far

    I have had mine here in Texas since July 1st. My dealer said I was the second car delivered in the US. The first one was in Florida somewhere.
  13. Klepper

    Ordered CT albeit with some trepidation- How prevalent are the electrical fault issues?

    Mine has been flawless so far. I picked it up July 1, 2021 and already have 4500 miles on it! It's an awesome car!
  14. Klepper

    Lucked into CT 4S.

    Great looking car!! Congrats!
  15. Klepper

    Is a cash purchase risky, given how technology will change?

    Lots of good discussion in this thread:
  16. Klepper

    Examples of *Non-Delayed* Deliveries?

    I picked my car up on July 1st, so just about 2 months ago now. My schedule followed almost exactly with what was showing in TYD. I have the manual steering column as well. My schedule was as follows: Build Lock: 4/15/21 Scheduled for Production: 4/29/21 Start Production: 5/7/21 Production...
  17. Klepper

    EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    I don’t remember the exact wording, but the manual says something to the effect of “only use the 5-15 supply cable on a circuit protected by a 20A circuit breaker”. Not ideal, but I have to admit I have not seen a 15A circuit breaker in a box in a long time.
  18. Klepper

    EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    I looked all over it and tried pressing the screen and anything that could be a button. Nothing made any difference. I reviewed the documentation, and it states as follows: "AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF SAFETY MAXIMUM CHARGING POWER: Simply connect the proper adapting plug and start charging. The...
  19. Klepper

    EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    I have the Mustart Travelmaster EVSE, and just for clarification, you can’t adjust the amps on the LCD (at least not on mine). The EVSE automatically adjusts the amps based on which supply “pigtail” is plugged in.