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  1. FredC057

    Good news my CT is on his way to me

    This starts to piss me off. Also in Belgium, I had a reservation already way before the CT was announced. I ordered it on March 10th, one of the first at my dealer and it is still blocked at the plant. It is clearly noted that it’s a 2021 model and was partially build but has some missing...
  2. FredC057

    Charging your Taycan

    That's what the range calculator is giving for a CT 4S with 19 or 20 inch wheels and 20°. So it's not bad.
  3. FredC057

    Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    Appart from the Type 2, did you had to use the juice booster and any of the other adaptors during your trip? I'm still unsure of purchasing the Juice booster 2 and the adaptors. Thanks
  4. FredC057

    Huge demand for Taycan causing wait to stretch to 6 months

    If you order today, my dealer said that you could be delivered in April next year if all goes well…
  5. FredC057

    Matte/stealth PPF anyone?

    Here is a good example in blue More pictures here
  6. FredC057

    Put thru time production Taycan CT

    My freeze date was beginning of may for a production beginning of July. With the problems of chips, it’s hard to tell how long they need to produce, it depends on your options. Mine was finished production on 31st of August it seems. Delivery to my dealer is planned on September 17th but not...
  7. FredC057

    Tire Pressure will not reset after inflation and driving.

    Change twice the size or type of tire in the settings and drive a bit. It should reset correctly.
  8. FredC057

    Trunk Taycan vs Cross Turismo

    This space always exist, it's bigger if you don't option the Bose or Burmeister. If you option one of those, there is space just for cables, if not, you can put a soft bag. Boot capacity: Taycan 407 l Taycan with Bose 366 l Taycan CT 430 l...
  9. FredC057

    Trunk Taycan vs Cross Turismo

    Here is a picture with the shelf and without A normal Taycan was next to it and visually you can see that the CT has more space and accessibility. And if you don’t option the Bose, you’ll get even more space in the hidden compartment underneath.
  10. FredC057

    Powered Charge Port Cover - YES or No?

    Talking about the length of the cable being too short on public stations, isn’t it more difficult to plug with a manual cover as it could be in the way? In the video of Shmee, the cable is so short he had to move his car very close to the station and I was wondering if the manual cover would be...
  11. FredC057

    Can the 20" Offroad Design wheels be painted?

    You have to go to the wheel accessories but it's available as well in the US Specifically for the 20" Offroad design ones, I think it's a special request, so it's possible but you'll have to wait a loooong time
  12. FredC057

    Can the 20" Offroad Design wheels be painted?

    Off course, you can, there are 3 different blacks in Europe. Jet black, High gloss black and Satin black. Here is an example from the UK site but same in others, let me have a look in US.
  13. FredC057

    Locked myself in on the back seat

    In older Porsche and Audi, you have to try twice in a row to open the door. So I would assume the same, drag twice the open handle of the door
  14. FredC057

    Taycan Cross Tourismo Wheels

    Couldn't choose so I ordered both: the second one for summer and the first with winter tyres.
  15. FredC057

    Anyone went beige full leather with chalk exterior?

    This is chalk and beige next to each other and volcano grey above. For the interior, there is a big difference in reality compared to the configurator. But chalk in and out, I’m not sure, that’s why I went for volcano ext.
  16. FredC057

    Cross Turismo at dealership ?

    My dealer is expecting an example in May. They already saw it in the flesh but it’s an example that is passing from dealer to dealer and for some VIP presentations.
  17. FredC057

    EU/UK Road Trip Charging Kit

    As there is a new free option to replace the PMC+ with a charging cable Type 2, I decided to forget about the PMCC and request the install of a double fixed 22kW charger in my garage. And to travel, I'll travel light with a lot of charging cards and applications and this type 2 cable. I was...
  18. FredC057

    Which extras you wouldn't order again

    A lot of people wouldn't take the PMC+ or PMCC as option. I saw a new free option for the Cross Turismo in Germany and Belgium that was not in the list before and is still not for the regular Taycan: PZZ: Charging cable (Mode 3, Type2) to replace the PMC+ So Porsche realized now that some...
  19. FredC057

    Taycan Bose vs Tesla Premium Audio

    It’s designed and developed by Bose in partnership.