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  1. Polestar 2

    Haha I know the Datsun reference.
  2. Polestar 2

    I test drove one few months ago. Liked it’s driving dynamics much better than some of the current BMW lineups. The rear seat space could have been better and the backend design could have been better. I felt like the interior was much better than Tesla M3. My wife and I decided Taycan is on a...
  3. 8 Hours at PEC Atlanta Experience - A Review

    Great write up. Back in July I spent 90mins driving/tracking 4S at PECLA. It was great experience and people over there were reallly nice. Surprisingly I was good at the track except drifting. I credit the coach. No matter how much I tried couldn’t drift. My wife was kind enough to let me enjoy...
  4. Birthday Taycan Mini Road Rally - A Photo Diary

    Happy birthday Ken. Nice write up! Invite me next year… hopefully by then I would have got my CT.
  5. TeslaTap Mini 60 Amp GROUP BUY

    Count me in.