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  1. Finger in the air depreciation..

    My 4S was just over 100K last July. Against a new replacement I was verbally quoted 90K for it. When you think there’s a chunk of VAT in that, I would be happy.
  2. One week with my 4S CT

    My 4S has standard brakes and after more than 12 months have never needed to clean brake dust from the wheels. . . . I’ve never had cleaner wheels on a car.
  3. 1 word

    You will have plenty of opportunity when you get your track day at Silverstone 😬
  4. Inverted setting of dipped beam

    UPDATE: A software update is now available to correct the “dipped beam converted “ fault. Mine was fixed this week👍
  5. Huge demand for Taycan causing wait to stretch to 6 months

    I remember having to wait 18 months when I ordered a Macan at the launch, and when replaced with a Panamera, that arrived in 6 weeks!
  6. Inverted setting of dipped beam

    I have an update! Looks like a software update is available at last. My 4S is booked in September for the fix. it’s only been around 14 months in the waiting. . . . . .
  7. Charging Profiles and Timers Graphic

    Why would Porsche have such a stupid system? Especially as they are trying to stop us all charging above 80 - 85%?
  8. Charging Profiles and Timers Graphic

    But what happens if you reach your target charge level BEFORE timer departure time? From what I’ve seen, it will continue to charge above your set threshold.
  9. A small charging problem!

    On it👍
  10. A small charging problem!

    That’s why I wanted to use a profile, so the start is also fixed. What I was hoping was only to charge within the 4 hours from 0:30. If the 85% was reached within this time it would stop. If not it would stop at 4:30 until the next day when the cycle would repeat until the car reached 85%...
  11. A small charging problem!

    Could I just check when you say “it will fix the problem”. If I use a timer only and no profile, how will that guarantee starting at 0:30 and end by either reaching 4:30, or the 85% limit? Thanks.
  12. A small charging problem!

    Was there a reason both general profile and home profile were ticked?
  13. A small charging problem!

    The Zappi 2 is 7kW and SOC ( from memory) was 77% so the car would have reached 85% before the 4 hour charge period. I was expecting either condition (charge level, or time limit) to stop the charging? Next time I’ll try with a lower state of charge so the 85% cannot be reached in the 4 hours...
  14. A small charging problem!

    Charging is via Zappi 2. I was just being safe with the 12V issue as all was working with manual charging.
  15. A small charging problem!

    I’ve had my 4S for more than a year, but due to the risk of a dead 12V battery have only ever manually charged in the daytime. Now following the latest general Software update (hopefully fixing the possible 12V problem) I have decided to try a timed charge. Following an excellent YouTube video...
  16. Inverted setting of dipped beam

    I’ve been complaining about this one for over a year, without success. It’s apparently down to the standard lights controller thinking it’s in a left hand drive country. . . . . . Loads of promises, no action.
  17. What charger have you installed at home?

    I’ve had the Zappi 2 charger - over a year now - worked absolutely fine. Also has the advantage of different charging modes if you have solar installed. One further advantage is you don’t suffer from earth trip issues and the price is better than Anderson.
  18. Did you buy your Taycan primarily.....

    The 4S is my first EV, although I was always getting one the moment I set eyes on a Mission E photo at the Porsche track - Silverstone. Around 2014. . . . .
  19. How many charge to 100%

    i would think another reason for the 80 - 85% charge is leaving room for the re-gen’ energy. With 100% charge you would be using friction brakes and having dirty black wheels, as with IC cars. . .