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  1. ciaranob

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range

    As I said, getting ahead of the feedback from Porsche and just speculation with little merit :) Would be super interesting if the battery actually has an issue (not for you of course!) and how they might proceed to address it.
  2. ciaranob

    Real World Range Experience So Far +Recup Use and Range Mode

    It would be great if the "Individual" mode actually allowed the user/driver to chose all functions independently of defaults but I guess the individualization is rather limited?
  3. ciaranob

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range

    Very curious to hear what their analysis says - bit depressing if considered normal range attrition which hopefully it is not! I wonder if tracking the vehicle puts just enough additional stress on the battery 'wear' to account for some of this - seems a stretch to say the least and jumping the...
  4. ciaranob

    Xpel Stealth PPF install quality

    Wow - that is seriously sub-standard - my 2015 front half install on my M4 is literally light years better in respect hidden edges and flawless finish and I know for a fact there are even better installers in my neck of the woods. The ragged edges, bubbles, creases etc. here and 100%...
  5. ciaranob

    Other Hobbies

    Skydiver - member of a 4-way team competed at State and National levels but recently had to give up (which was near impossible to do!) - played in 1st and 2nd div. soccer leagues for years, love mountain biking and road riding but do far less of the latter now. Most of our vacations involve...
  6. ciaranob

    Here she is

    Agreed and TBH I keep putting off the idea of wrapping but truly almost as good as paint - that Brit thread showing a CT Turbo S with a satin flat black wrap is top notch and challenges my perceptions about wrapping :) keeps me guessing :)
  7. ciaranob

    New Options Added???

    From what I understand factory installation have visible cut edges I.e. if you want a higher quality wrapped edge look which I highly recommend I’d go local with Xpel or equivalent. Also advancements in PPF materials likely out pace what the factory is offering although cannot confirm what they...
  8. ciaranob

    Has anyone put wheel spacers on their CT yet?

    I need to dig it back out but one chap reported in another thread that he used spacers together with lowering links but was on a sedan - there are a few us who have chatted re planning on lowering our CT's but next to none have received their cars as yet (including yours truly) to start the...
  9. ciaranob

    Anyone select the "Center Console Trim in Leather" option?

    Great to see some pics of this leather installed at last - thx for sharing - def happy with my choice to include it and whilst the contrasting color black and red might be more stylistically correct I am also liking that I chose this added leather to be red :) Another positive CT review but...
  10. ciaranob

    Satin Black Taycan Cross Turismo

    I can pretty much 100% assure you that this car is not this low on the std air suspension settings - they are using lowering links - I'll be doing the same super easy mod - links I have purchased are these...
  11. ciaranob

    What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    So is this simply a response to over-crowded port storage and the cars with still no TPMS will now have to sit at your dealership until they receive them as they cannot legally be sold w/o them? Or have supplies of TPMS units arrived to complete these cars with delivery to customers through...
  12. ciaranob

    PCM 6.0 in Cross Turismos being shipped currently?

    Nope - see:
  13. ciaranob

    CT Cycle Carrier UK

    I'm probably wrong but I'm not sure any customer other than reviewers have got their hands on this thing as yet - and certainly no revised/expected date to receive one made available as yet here in the US to my knowledge. Still keeping my fingers crossed that by end of year that will change but...
  14. ciaranob

    New York State passes new law: zero emissions vehicles required by 2035

    Man, the hot air in this thread might be enough to tip the balance for climate change :)! The oceans are carbon sinks - yes indeed the oceans, their cirulation patterns and temperature profiles, and as you mention, their interface with the atmosphere, are critical components and by far arguably...
  15. ciaranob

    Front Bumper Removal

    Massive thx for sharing this - I know I am stretching it but any chance you could share the steps to remove the plastic wheel well fender covers on the CT and/or the rear CT bumper - I ask as I intend to have the side sills/valance, fender wheel covers and front and rear bumpers painted the body...
  16. ciaranob

    3D surround view VS 360 Surround view - Park Assist ?

    I realize you may be pricing/selecting add-ons to stay within a pre-defined budget limit but just to note that as of very recently the Remote Park Assust is now standard in the Tech Pkg - it was added as such to the Sedan a month or so ago and now is now added as std within the CT Tech Pkg also...
  17. ciaranob

    CT width - is it a problem?

    It's 3" wider than my M4 with it's mirror folded - 7" wider with mirrors unfolded:)! Definitely noticeable and I too must admit to being taken aback when I first saw one in the showroom but you are also correct I think in that the sculpted front-end design seems to exaggerate this somewhat...
  18. ciaranob

    Anyone considering other EV's?

    These 2 Rivian's first models are really on point if design wise perhaps a personal taste - but I kind of like them. The biggest issue might be no local support (if for example bought in Texas etc.) - relying entirely on OTA access or what? Would be curious to know how they will handle...
  19. ciaranob

    Storage compartment dimensions?

    Can someone provide the length from top of the rear passenger seats when folded down and/or rear of front seats when fully back to the inside edge of rear hatch opening? Cannot seem to locate a diagram of this measurement. Or - can a 6 ft person lie down in the back with rear seats down? :)
  20. ciaranob

    Protection Film - Front

    Yeah that is what I was suspecting - thx for sharing.