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  1. Insulated glass...?

    Any data on the weight difference? The insulated glass looked substantially thicker when I saw it in person (opening the car car and lookin at the glass from the side. Insulated glass windows in homes are generally considerably heavier than standard windows. Wondering if this carries over to...
  2. Clunking sound when pressing PARK button

    Has anyone else heard a clunking sound when pressing the PARK button. This did not occur for the first 1,000 miles but then happened twice last night. It has since gone away. Car was completely stopped with break pedal depressed. To my ears from the drivers seat it sounded like it was coming...
  3. Our Taycan in the Scottish Highlands Video Feature

    Suburb cinematography!
  4. Ice Grey vs Dolomite Silver

    I have found that silver colors tend to hold their look the best out of most paint choices when they get dirty from rain, etc. We have had three silver cars. Currently have a Dolomite 4S and it also does very well when not at it’s cleanest. P.S. After owning a couple of silver cars we were...
  5. Taycan sound at low speeds

    There is still some sound even with the sport sound off, but it is fairly quiet. Loud enough to be heard in rural areas but low enough to be largely inaudible in the city in my opinion.
  6. 9J1 - is this the Taycan model number?

    Trying to learn if there is a 9xx nomenclature for the Taycan. Cayman - 987, 981, 718 Carrera - 911 etc, etc Is the Taycan the 9J1?
  7. Can you turn off the tiny overhead light between the map lights?

    Just looking to see if anyone has an update on this topic. I’ve played with every menu control for lighting I can find and this cabin light remains bright. Thanks for any help.