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  1. Set the drivers central display above steering wheel to a permanent Satellite image?

    Porsche allows you to reset it every morning free of charge, think setting it permanently was an optional extra we all missed……..
  2. Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    One if the many things about a Tesla that shows it true colours…..being utter shit.
  3. How did you pay for your Taycan?

    LTD company cash purchase due to 100% first year Capital allowance on EV’s.
  4. Polestar 2

    Even a French car has a better interior build than a Tesla, not really high praise.…
  5. More Carbon UPGRADES for My Porsche Taycan Turbo S! | SHMUSEUM VLOG 2

    I don’t have mixed feelings, he is a cockwomble
  6. Wireless Charging (UK)

    Update from dealer this morning @ 07:30, lack of wireless charging due to Chip shortage, will be retrofitted when available.
  7. Wireless Charging (UK)

    Bring it in and we will take a look was pretty much it. Booked in next week.
  8. Wireless Charging (UK)

    Delivered Monday, has no wireless charging, no menu in PCM either.
  9. UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    I have had various Tesla models over the past 6 years and this car obliterates all of them. I thought I would miss the one pedal driving but the way this car glides along is utterly amazing, completely different and got to say I prefer it. The PCM is rubbish but I am utterly sold on the rest of...
  10. UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Yes, i think Neodyme really lifts a black interior for little money. I should have stuck with my original choice of Bordeaux interior but bottled it, next time I will keep my brave pants on…..
  11. Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    I would miss it, certainly adds a bit of theatre to the driving experience, much needed after years of soulless Tesla driving. Try Milltek, they have a system for Tesla, not sure if they have one for the Taycan maybe worth and ask.
  12. UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Ordered end of Feb delivered yesterday. 1 key apart from that everything present and correct. So happy to get out of the Tesla at last, they really are chalk and cheese.
  13. Second key - wait

    I got a key and a spare blade, just not the fob that it goes in, so technically still have 2 keys….
  14. Second key - wait

    never lost a car key........nailed on that i will now.
  15. MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Finally got round to taking a picture
  16. Have I made the right choices? (Too much time to think whilst waiting)

    The 1st choice is usually the right one, overthinking things is what causes the issues.
  17. UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Ordered 15th Feb, just had a call telling me the car will be delivered to me next Monday.
  18. Which option did you have the hardest time reaching a decision?

    E mission in satin aurum or Black on my Mamba. My children decided for me and went satin aurum.
  19. North Coast 500

    It’s fairly straightforward with overnight charging, although the reliability of the charge point Scotland network 2 years ago made the old Ecotricity network look 1st class. Not ventured back up North since So not sure if it’s got better or worse.