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  1. VOLT4GE

    Do you daily your Taycan?

    Safe to assume you’ve never driven on the roads in Detroit? I’ve been able to see the road below an overpass because of bucket-sized holes in the deck.
  2. VOLT4GE

    Do you daily your Taycan?

    Same here. And with AWD, it’ll be out in the nasty Midwestern winters, too.
  3. VOLT4GE

    FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    2020 4S after the euro side markers, tint, ceramic and PPF.
  4. VOLT4GE

    DMC Taycan GT3 Style Aero Kit

    Holy hell….someone would actually pay to ruin their Taycan with that DMC kit?
  5. VOLT4GE

    Electrify America Poll

    Please report back after the trip and let us know how it went.
  6. VOLT4GE

    Mobile Charger Connect overheating

    Thank you, @Jhenson29! I searched for “Mobile charger overheating” and these threads didn’t surface. Much appreciated.
  7. VOLT4GE

    Mobile Charger Connect overheating

    Anyone else get this bright red warning about the charger station overheating? For reference: the ambient temperature was around 82 degrees in the garage. I was maxed out at 40 amps, but dialed it back to 30 when I saw the warning on the unit’s screen. The warning went away, but the charging...