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  1. DMC Taycan GT3 Style Aero Kit

    These are getting worse not better. What in the world did I just look at ?
  2. Porsche Announces Mission R EV Sports Car Concept

    The Force of the FBN is strong with this one ! ( Fan Boy Nation of course )
  3. TECHART Porsche Taycan Carbon Aerokit Released

    No doubt, that is the LAST thing I would do :CWL:
  4. If you’re bored sometime - go test drive a Model 3

    That’s like comparing the newest riverfront seafood place to Red lobster. But they both have lobster tail ! There’sa market for both but that’s why red lobster is at the mall next to Cracker Barrel and the seafood house is downtown on the riverfront
  5. Switched to 22” wheels for a different look

    The carbon fiber 21” were just listed on eBay if anyone is interested in bidding. NO reserve!
  6. Porsche electric sport sound YES/NO?

    Love it, plus it helps keeps your speed down. Sort of 🤪
  7. Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Exterior just doesn’t do it for me, looks like a nice sedan. Nothing more. And the more aftermarket added to it the more it looks like a teenager’s car. Just my opinion if fanboy nation is lurking remember it’s just an opinion
  8. Tesla Model S crushes Taycan’s Nürburgring time

    When the Tesla and my Taycan are parked close to each other and I come outside people are not taking pictures of the Tesla. Tesla is a fantastic Sedan but the body styling makes it like every other nice sedan out on the market. Always reminds me of someone driving really quick to Petco for...
  9. Got pulled over today…

    This unfortunately was NOT for license plate infraction 😂😢
  10. Do you suggest eBay to sell used Taycan exclusive carbon wheels?

    Thanks, yes a few are deflated from the changeout .
  11. Do you suggest eBay to sell used Taycan exclusive carbon wheels?

    I’m comfortable enough with new 22” that I’d like to sell my original 21” carbon fiber wheels. Is eBay best site? Back to dealer? Fair price? I’m in Michigan so is shipping pain in the ass? I’m great at landscaping, not car stuff ( but love my Taycan) the old ones look terrific, 15,800 miles...
  12. Switched to 22” wheels for a different look

    I liked the carbon fiber but wanted something more open I guess for a year or so. Post pics when you get them !
  13. Switched to 22” wheels for a different look

    After a fantastic year 1 with my Taycan ( besides a few stops by the Boys in Blue) I decided to swap the carbon fiber blades for a more open look. Might keep the others or sell them not sure but I do like the new look. I know though it’s a personal preference thing for everyone.
  14. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    not great pics but I really like the change at least for now. Have the 21” carbon fiber ones to sit on here sell🤷‍♂️
  15. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Decided to change it up for a bit so I’m adding these next week