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  1. Other Hobbies

    Some of you have much cooler hobbies than me! I’m fairly young, so one of my hobbies involves playing counter-strike multiple nights a week, which I’ve been playing since I became a teenager back in 1998. I also do strength training and pointless engineering projects (I’m a software writing...
  2. POLL: What's your Porsche experience level?

    First for me, but my interest came from my dad buying a Cayenne hybrid couple of years ago. Love the car. He showed me the CT and I just fell for it. To me it’s the perfect mix of family and financial….responsibility 😅
  3. Are you going to or have you ordered a CT 4 or CT 4S?

    CT4S because of 0-100 and because I think it’s a nice mix of losing my drivers license alone and driving slowly together with my family for skiing trips.
  4. UK delivery production delays

    I don’t think anyone placing orders without an actual factory allocation should expect anything right now.
  5. Delivery delays

    Fair point, just being able to have this problem in the first place though...
  6. Can't find the thread with the vid of Edmunds testing the Tesla Plaid...

    I actually wanted to like Tesla, but people like those in the comment section has annoyed me so much for years I simply don' want to be associated with it. I was soooo happy when Porsche released the CT!
  7. Delivery delays

    People simply don't know about or understand our struggle.
  8. Huge demand for Taycan causing wait to stretch to 6 months

    What I don't understand from this article is what they specifically mean by "sales". Are those cars delivered, or contracts sold and if so are these allocations meaning they have "sold" all their available production slots for this year? I assume the second alternative to be true.
  9. Delivery delays

    These delays appear to be random? Its either that or certain markets are prioritized? I ordered in July and I’m still slated for a later November / early December delivery with a build allocation for October. Dealer even told me they just had more fulfilled orders on route to their lot right now.
  10. Sport chrono clock

    Same, I was going to select the compass and altitude because it would be fun for the kids. Perhaps the chrono will have some appeal when I sell the car in a couple of years?
  11. Sport chrono clock

    My build locked, with the sport chrono. I regret it, I now have a digital and analogue stopwatch I will never use in the middle of my dash. Should have gotten compass.
  12. Dash cams

    kinda surprised a car this expensive does not have this factory installed or with some kind of adapter for it installed.
  13. Cool Mamba Green CT Display

    No, race-tex and Norway. The only assist mine will need is heat 😅
  14. Cool Mamba Green CT Display

    I did! Car will enter production in 4 weeks 🤩
  15. Is there a way to track your order progress for UK customers?

    I asked my dealer that very same question. He told me to just harass him when ever I felt like it. Personally I am just going to wait now and try to stop thinking about it too much! Ps! Same slot and estimated delivery date as you!
  16. Ordering Build With Winter Tires?

    I had the dealer draw up the contract including ContiVikingContact 6, 19 inch. Upton taking delivery they will have put winter tires on the car and loaded the summer tires in the back.
  17. Which model to get?

    I picked the 4S. I won't run it on a track (and if I do, I will be surprised and probably have enough power to play with). I guess it boils down to what you will use it for, in my case I will have kids in the back and use it for what ever I am currently using my Volvo for (skiing, hauling stuff...
  18. value of PTV+ in Cross Turismo 4

    After talking to my dealer a bit about PTV+ I concluded that in almost any case of legal and safe driving, I would be giving up way before the car without PTV+ is even close to its limits.
  19. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    No TYD I’m Norway. However, got an October allocation in July. Freeze last week. Production update/confirmation from Porsche is still October with completion early November. Could different markets be prioritized differently?
  20. Updated build slot!

    I ordered mamba green, looks awesome. Girlfriend and kids totally onboard with it! Such a nice colour, go for it!