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  1. Fish Fingers

    UK charging accessories

    In the end I went with the 150kw option (it's a must have imo) and the standard 'public charging cable'? which I use with our home charger. I bought a separate discrete untethered charger (pic: Sync EV) - but only because the Standard Porsche charger wasn't ideal for our home set up. Garage is...
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    UK charging accessories

    Try these threads for starters And this was my thread, while waiting for the car...
  3. Fish Fingers

    Finger in the air depreciation..

    This was a positive and fairly recent article for the Taycan.
  4. Fish Fingers

    Deposit at point of order

    I believe this is pretty standard for the UK. OP should ignore non UK answers as it varies from country to country.
  5. Fish Fingers

    Used Taycan prices

    There was an article in Auto Express this week. Although it's UK related, it states the following: The Taycan and the e-tron GT cling on to their value exceptionally well when compared with similarly...
  6. Fish Fingers

    muting audio

    I just tried this..... Once the power is turned off and the thumb wheel is inoperative. But the volume +&- on the bottom of the lower screen still worked.
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    Wireless Charging (UK)

    Well who would have thought that..... Its a pity nobody mentioned it on page 2 and posted the Porsche bulletin about it :headbang: 👍
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    Other Hobbies

    Boxing Music (Soul, House, Jazz) Surfing (love it.... Just not very good at it) Kite flying Also football, golf, tennis.
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    Wireless Charging (UK)

    Found it on the other thread...
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    Other Hobbies

    Funny you should say that..... Because by pure coincidence it's one of the absolute last things I would be interested in. Great first post by the way. Can't believe you joined just to share that gem with us. Ps It's 'no' not 'now' in English. Also It isn't interesting. Also - be honest, do...
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    Wireless Charging (UK)

    Was that not one of the chips currently missing due to the shortage?
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    Best home chargers UK

    PMC+ would have meant running cable under electric garage door - which we have as a gym. And then leaving the PMC unit lying on the floor in all weather's. Small outdoor mounted charging point was just easier.
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    Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    Lots of Googling going on in this thread to back up arguments. I still doubt we will ever see a post saying..... 'actually, thinking about it - you are right. I have completely changed my point of view. Thankyou for pointing out my errors'. 😄
  14. Fish Fingers

    Siem Aristotle at Emden Port

    I love how members on this forum become maritime experts while waiting for their new car to be delivered. 😄 Amazing to think we are aware of the schedule of birth dredging patterns at a German port in real time. I also think its intereting how grown men (me included) get so excited about a...
  15. Fish Fingers

    Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    Thanks for posting this. I was unaware of the feature and use it all the time now. Saves 'ankle ache' in stop/start traffic. And just checking the little green 'hold' icon is on now.
  16. Fish Fingers

    Battery Temp

    Not sure where I got this from.....but maybe useful here.
  17. Fish Fingers

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    I turned it off after about 1 minute. Would not have specced it even if it was free, but each to their own. 👍
  18. Fish Fingers

    Second key - wait

    Double rings on the key.....and the Tile 👍
  19. Fish Fingers

    Second key - wait

    I've never lost a car key either. But like the post above I have just bought a 'tile' tag for my key.
  20. Fish Fingers

    Second key - wait

    To all those who only got one key due to the chip shortage. Have you received your 2nd key? What have you been told about getting the 2nd key by the dealer? My dealer has no idea and just deciding whether to chase it up with them.