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  1. PorscheCam needed(?)

    Was about to say, that’s quite the aggressive swing from that guy.
  2. Allocations?

    I had trouble getting an allocation for a turbo. After 2 months of waiting, a Turbo S allocation became available in July and I took it.
  3. Delivery delays

    Well, after my dealer reassured me that Porsche wouldn’t release cars from the port for transport unless the TPMS had been installed, I find out this morning that this was not true. The car is now at my dealer still missing the TPMS. It does seem in fact that Porsche is running out of room at...
  4. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    According to my dealer, Porsche wouldn’t release a car from the port for transport unless the TPMS has been installed. I will know for sure in one or two days.
  5. Semiconductor-Related Production Delays - Information from PCNA

    Thanks for sharing. How do I find out if my Taycan is missing more than the TPMS?
  6. What Ordered Options Are Missing From Deliveries Due To Chip Shortage?

    Be prepared to wait. Ready for transport doesn’t seem to mean too much for Porsche these days. My car has been stuck at the port here in the US for over a month missing its tire pressure module system.
  7. Delivery delays

    That’s crazy. Mine’s still at the port in Jax supposedly getting to my dealer this coming Friday. Doesn’t sound too likely.
  8. Xpel Stealth PPF install quality

    Yeah, I’m not sure how much you paid, but that would not be acceptable in my book.
  9. Had an interesting chat with some dudes from Lucid test team

    I personally am fine with 190 miles per charge. I don’t plan on driving my Taycan on long trips. Its primary purpose to me is to get around town knowing I’ll just charge it at home as needed.
  10. Delivery delays

    St Pete? I’m dealing with Reeves in Tampa. I haven’t seen any Taycans in the wild here, but I did test drive one at Reeves which got this whole thing started. No other car I test drove was as much fun as the Taycan.
  11. Delivery delays

    That’s what my dealer has been telling me. My car is supposed to arrive at the dealership on 9/24 according to TYD. My guess is this will soon be updated to November.
  12. Can't find the thread with the vid of Edmunds testing the Tesla Plaid...

    Good grief, those comments… “Legacy” lol.
  13. Delivery delays

    Did anyone with a Taycan in the Jacksonville arrival of 8/16 actually receive theirs as scheduled? Kind of wondering if every Taycan in that shipment is missing the TPMS.
  14. After 45 days my Taycan Tourism Cross is.....dead

    This is pretty discouraging to read. It’s kind of mind boggling that these issues weren’t discovered during QC before it left the factory.
  15. Delivery delays

    Would your dealer allow you to transfer your deposit to a MY22 order? It sounds tempting to me too, but my car is only missing the TPMS and I don’t see too many drastic changes in MY22 to warrant hitting the reset button.
  16. Matte/stealth PPF anyone?

    It seems the PPF was directly applied over the badging. Do you know if this is common practice? I seem to remember reading that badge removal and re-installment on the Taycan is difficult, which may answer my question. The matte white looks stunning.
  17. Matte/stealth PPF anyone?

    Can we see some examples of Taycans with matte/stealth PPF? I’m contemplating doing this for my incoming Neptune blue TTS, but seeing some examples of any color would help. Thanks!
  18. taycan not selling well??

    No, that’s not true. Where did you hear this?
  19. Clear protection film (PPF) on the Taycan?

    Hey, I’m in Tampa. That looks great. I’m currently awaiting delivery of my Turbo S, which is scheduled to happen this month post-TPMS delay. Are you willing to share how much you ended up paying for PPF, ceramic coating and tinting at auto paint guard? TIA
  20. TPMS Group Buy !?!? No seriously where are these things?

    Mine has been at the port in Jacksonville since 8/16. TYD also shows it arriving at the dealer on 9/24. Dealer told me it could actually be early September. We’ll see.