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  1. Max Attack

    Delivery delays

    CT 4 with all sorts of options with those precious semiconductor chips - HUD, InnoDrive, rear AC screen, PDLS lights etc. Ordered late March, with estimated completion mid-August. Production started July 30th, with estimated production time of 4 weeks at that point. So +2 weeks to estimate at...
  2. Max Attack

    Cheap mod for Aero S wheels

    You mean exactly like in the opening post? Still a good one.
  3. Max Attack

    Cheap mod for Aero S wheels

    While my CT is sitting at the factory lot waiting for chips, I have too much time to be inspired by both this thread and also this nice blue set by 911Jeff. And so I fiddle around with...
  4. Max Attack

    Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    With some image manipulation, possibilities are all over the place with these wheels. Here's on mahogany (with a touch of black).
  5. Max Attack

    Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    Here's some photoshop along the same theme.
  6. Max Attack

    Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    Well done! This is very interesting, as I have been pondering even more possibilities. To me, the wheel has 3 sectors - five long spokes from the center with five partial arches near the rim - full rim and five short spokes towards the center from it - five indents and connecting lines (blue in...
  7. Max Attack

    Is it possilbe to order the 20" Sport Aero wheels on a CT?

    I'll be needing a winter set up here in a few months. My car is due to arrive in a few weeks, and these wheels would fit my bill quite well. Seems that nobody made proper winter tyres for the rear axle in 19" last year, sizes for the next winter have not yet all been confirmed. So I might be...
  8. Max Attack

    Is it possilbe to order the 20" Sport Aero wheels on a CT?

    Found this photo from Ukraine, showing that at least it has been done before.
  9. Max Attack

    Taycan Cross Turismo 4-6 Week Delay due to Chip Shortages!!

    Is it just me being optimistic, or is Instagram finally documenting a steady inflow of new Cross Turismos to the wild, within a week or so? Not anymore just the same handful of media and promo cars circulating to different locations, but a nice lot of dealership cars and some actual deliveries...
  10. Max Attack

    Sleeping in a Porsche Taycan

    Here's how Tesla Björn does the trick in Audi e-tron GT. - (auxiliary heater ?? off) - drive selector to N - from main menu: car - settings&service - parking brake - apply em parking brake This allows for the car systems to stay running all night and thus heater/aircon to be on. And in Audi...
  11. Max Attack

    what is the best at home charger for a Taycan?

    I'm looking for solutions to have 2 charging ports, in order to charge 2 EV:s at the same time, but with a load balancing. I have 3-phase mains with 25A breakers each (Finland, 230V), which won't allow 22 kW charging on one car, nor simultaneously 2 cars with 11 kW each either. But I could...
  12. Max Attack

    Taycan Color Threads

    Mahogany Metallic -thread has some pics now, could it be added to the link list?
  13. Max Attack


    Difficult to find mahogany Taycan pics. Here are at least some - from Norwegian Porsche dealer at Kristiansand.
  14. Max Attack

    TopGear Reviews the Taycan Cross Turismo

    And they all love it. Can't wait to get mine. Few more months to go.
  15. Max Attack


    Looking forward to provide this thread with live shots of my mahogany CT 4. Order is in and arrival expected late July. But preferably, I'd like to frequent this thread while I wait, looking for nice shots of mahogany Taycans posted by someone else. Mahogany FTW.