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  1. 818 Taycans Delivered in U.S. in Q1 2020 (Sales Report)

    Interesting. Thanks.
  2. Model year cut-off date?

    Very well possible. Your car is a week earlier in and out of production than mine but mine is expected to stay two weeks in Emden, so departure for the US must be around the same time.
  3. Model year cut-off date?

    Thanks. 7 days earlier in and 7 days earlier out than mine which then is likely to be a MY2020 also... Too bad, we must be close to the cut-off I guess...
  4. Model year cut-off date?

    What is your V270 date, if I may ask?
  5. Model year cut-off date?

    Good to know, thanks.
  6. Model year cut-off date?

    Thanks, Philippe. I have not checked with the dealer yet and was asking for the community's experience before doing so.
  7. Model year cut-off date?

    My expected V260 (vehicle entry to body shop) date is July 31 and my expected V270 date (vehicle exit production) date is September 4. Based on this timing, I guess that the car may actually be built in the week of August 31. If so, would that not be after the factory's summer shut-down...
  8. Charger 2021 Taycan 4S

    Thank you everybody for your wise and helpful answers. A 22kW charger is indeed unlikely for 2021.
  9. Charger 2021 Taycan 4S

    Makes sense. Thank you.
  10. Charger 2021 Taycan 4S

    Is it correct that the 2021 model year Taycan 4S will get a 22 KW charger?