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  1. My Taycan R modified with custom striping and HRE wheels...... Gulf livery look

    Might be a stupid question but can I ask what a Taycan R is?
  2. Received my Taycan 4S in UK!

    Is the upholstery crayon?
  3. 4S options - what have you picked?

    I've gone for all of these on my Turbo. I read a road test that rear-axle steering makes the car defy the laws of physics in terms of turn in. Regarding the brakes the dealer told me that, because of the regenerative braking, the pads rarely actually touch the disks, so without the surface...
  4. UK Taycan build slots

    Deposit placed for a turbo last September - I have an April build for mid May delivery.
  5. UK Taycan build slots

    Hi I registered interest well over a year ago but heard nothing from the dealer (not unusual) after that. I had to call them post-launch and shelled out the £5k back in September last year.
  6. UK Taycan build slots

    My dealer is talking late May for delivery of my Turbo. I see other countries seem to have cars already delivered. Is UK late to the party?