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  1. Taycan has custom Bose sound system

    Do you have the insulated glass option? Still waiting for my Taycan so I wonder how much that improves the sound quality in addition to having the Burmester audio system. Also, the website has a page about Burmester for Taycan, but the app doesn't yet include the Taycan. I wonder whether you...
  2. 4S energy consumption - what are you averaging

    I'm curious if you will notice range improvement after the brake bed in period. From the Good to Know app: "In order to bed in the wheel brake, the recuperation system is deactivated briefly on new vehicles or after changing the brake pads and this reduces the range." Dawse said "Interestingly...
  3. 400 Mile day trip through the Colorado mountains - power/battery consumption info for Taycan 4S

    You may be technically correct, but there are two things that bother me about using the brake pedal to decelerate. Often I do NOT want to loudly announce my deceleration with a bright red light strip that runs the entire width of the car, plus a high mounted brake light. I do NOT want to ride...
  4. PDF User Manual

    Keep in mind that the PDF will grow increasingly out of date as the software is improved and new features are released, whereas the Good To Know app will remain current.
  5. Burmeister Audio Settings / Tuning

    A little off topic, but I checked out the Burmester for Porsche app and it's really cool. Only problem is it does not yet let me select the Taycan as a model of Porsche, even though the Burmester website has a page that talks about their audio system for the Taycan. Some audio streaming apps...
  6. Charging issue at Electrify America location - session would abruptly stop after a minute or two

    In your screenshot, all of the charging sessions ended with $0.00. Is it possible this is an account issue rather than a technical issue? Did you try both the EA app and the Porsche app?
  7. CarPlay wifi ?

    Here's what the Good to Know guide says about mobile phone reception. Are you saying this is incorrect? Since I don't have my Taycan yet, I can't verify. The smartphone tray in the armrest is used to connect to the vehicle's external antenna and has a USB port for charging the mobile phone and...
  8. USB C only? Adapters or cable?

    USB-A can't go away fast enough. Low power and data capacity, further hobbled by a large connector that can only go in "right side up". In my experience, USB-A cables also generally have worse strain relief than C and wear out much faster.
  9. Installed clear side markers, trunk liner, WeatherTech mats and phone holder

    With the trunk liner installed, how hard is it to access the under floor compartment at the center rear of the trunk? Looks like it still leaves good access to the two side wells:
  10. Touching the rocker panel

    If it's not a ground clearance issue, is it possible you are hearing the plastic ventilation duct for the brakes scrape against the inlet duct as the air suspension is adjusting when you park? These are two separate ducts that should have clearance between them for ride height adjustment but...
  11. Rear axle steering

    Quick story. I remember few things from when I was four years old, but a singular event is how frustrated I became when my Red Flyer wagon tipped over when I pulled it around a corner with a curb. That's when I discovered the major drawback of fixed rear steering. Now that I'm so much older, I...
  12. Rear axle steering

    I'm looking forward to dodging road hazards without a sharp wheel turn. As far as added weight, from the videos I've seen of the rear suspension, it appears the basic functionality is there except for the actuator if you don't order this option.
  13. Silencing the Trunk Beeper

    In Louv's 10,000 mile trek thread, @Molesworth posted, "Ask about the BEEP noise at a dealership. On the Macan the rear hatch beep volume can be adjusted via PIWIS (even to zero to effectively turn it off). YMMV" and @cometguy replied, "Yes, I had my dealerships turn off the rear hatch beeping...
  14. Porsche Taycan deliveries in The Netherlands

    Out of 96 registered, there are 2 green, 4 red, 12 blue, and a whopping 78 achromatic. I'm guessing a lot of the achromatics were dealer spec.
  15. Clear protection film (PPF) on the Taycan?

    Are swirl marks and tiny scratches noticeable through the PPF? I'd like to do the Porsche Experience Center delivery in Atlanta and drive the car home to Virginia before getting PPF installed, but does that mean a lot of extra paint prep vs. taking the car straight from the dealer to the detail...
  16. 'Standard' leather vs. Olea leather?

    According to the U.S. configurator, "Interior Accents in Neodyme is included" with the Olea leather option. Separately, Neodyme Accents is $650. There are a lot of trim pieces included in the Neodyme Accents list, including the Burmester speaker covers (if you upgrade from the Bose): Includes...
  17. Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    The Germans have an exemplar for how to enjoy wealth in a time of great suffering: Bertolt Brecht, the playwright best known for The Threepenny Opera. A fashionista, he is said to have had fine leather coats made from mismatched pieces sewn with crude-looking stitching to fit in with the less...
  18. I beat the Porsche Taycan Turbo's EPA-estimated range without even trying - RoadShow

    This doesn't fully address the high temperature range concern, but in the Taycan's favor is the included heat pump (US configurations), which more efficiently manages battery pack and cabin cooling vs. other BEVs that mostly lack a heat pump.
  19. Front fender vents

    I thought I had read that the Mission E wheels are the primary contributor to the Cd increase, and the Porsche UK range estimator seems to confirm this. Compare the 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S with default settings EXCEPT include the Performance Battery+ option on the 4S and select the Mission E...
  20. Why is the glass roof required in the US?

    Not questioning your statement, but could you provide a link to more information? I have a build slot for US delivery and this is concerning.