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  1. TAYC4N

    Taycan configurator down!

    Just use the HK version or Australian version both which have been updated to MY21
  2. TAYC4N

    Malacca Highway arriving at Sheerness around now

    Nice, so did you take delivery and send it to the detailer or did the detailed work on site at the dealer?
  3. TAYC4N

    Graphene vs Ceramic?

    Never heard of these in the UK
  4. TAYC4N

    Lease vs Buy

    Would you mind sharing the numbers with me - PM is fine, thanks
  5. TAYC4N

    UK GAP Insurance

    I got this from my dealer due to issues at pick up - long story I don't want to go in to as now sorted :) I had to ask though!
  6. TAYC4N

    UK GAP Insurance

    Take the GAP - the dealer wash bay will have no idea how to apply the Gtechniq properly. For started before this is applied the car needs to be completely decontaminated with clay bar and then paint corrected so that there are no swirl marks etc. Gtechniq application the right way takes 2 days...
  7. TAYC4N

    Todays’s epic drive in the highlands

  8. TAYC4N

    Help...opinion on colours/ spec!

    Hi Buddy, Glad I could help. I went with the wheels and chose the Gloss Black Metallic Option which colours the blades to black. The car is Gloss Black Metallic too.
  9. TAYC4N

    “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    Ah I see - so it's available on the Turbo S
  10. TAYC4N

    “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    In the UK you can't get a black electric badge for sure. If you chose the black badge option then you can't have the electric badge. That's interesting you have it and it looks great against red!
  11. TAYC4N

    inside of the boot/trunk (is mine unfinished)

    Not sure what you mean I cant see anything on mine - please post a photo?
  12. TAYC4N

    Type 2 Cable

    Link please?
  13. TAYC4N

    “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    I wanted the black badges but could not due to wanting the electric badge. I’ll now be having all my badges done in black when my car goes in for mods this week.
  14. TAYC4N

    “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    Come on voters..why? Looking for reasonings...did you not like it, do you not like badges, did you want to hide the fact that it’s electric or.......?
  15. TAYC4N

    “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    I seem to be the only one who has spec’d the side electric badging. Looking at many videos and photos on instagram and on here I have not yet seen another. I went for it as proud of owning a game changing car, people see “electric” and the green credentials become evident. So far the car has...
  16. TAYC4N

    It’s here! Who said black does not show lines?

    Somethings wrong - one of your steering wheels are on the wrong side - decide who's :D:D
  17. TAYC4N

    It’s here! Who said black does not show lines?

    Thanks buddy
  18. TAYC4N

    Taycan Colours

    Sounds about right for a new order as a couple of mates have ordered one this month with delivery dates of Q1 2021.
  19. TAYC4N

    Taycan Colours

    There are a good few physical cancellations around...couple of the guys on here are in regular contact with me via email sending me specs and asking for advice etc. All those available are either spec'd to the hilt with £25-30k of options or missing some really important things such as a...