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  1. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Why are you so sure this isn’t the production car? Maybe Porsche still has a few tricks up their sleeve? Maybe the pics of the blue car (in the ‘almost’ reveal) are mules with the black film off? Maybe...... things aren’t quite what they seem?
  2. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    By the way I really love the look of the ‘almost’ reveal Even though I was expecting the duct/spoiler thing, I think it looks stunning with the skinny roof profile (like soly20 says amazing in white)
  3. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Why disrespectful? I’m suggesting the car may have a ‘oversized’ cover over it ie not representing the cars true shape within
  4. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Just looks like a big tent to me
  5. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Thank God
  6. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    You have to admit it, these guys are putting in huge effort periodically updating the camo
  7. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Looks like they took Dee’s suggestion and put in two layers of glass (or plastic) to try and fill that obvious temporary detail ‘glitch’ All designed to cover up the tapering roofline (to the, yet to be exposed (‘duct’)
  8. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    I prefer the skinny version
  9. Taycan Q&A

    The thread is on my home page at least) “Sneak peek at double bubble” thread The link is there under the heading Unfortunately not specifying which trim but confirms it’s on the ‘production model’ as shown
  10. Taycan Q&A

    Check out undercover shot (supplied by PAG-J1) on page 7 spy pics and videos No one knows which trim level this is though
  11. Taycan Q&A

    VERY cool concept, although at that angle at first glance, it almost looks like it’s been side swiped
  12. Taycan Q&A

    Good post Great selection of photos Puts the ‘cat amongst the pigeons’ (as it were)
  13. Taycan Q&A

    I’ve been looking for this image on a different thread other than ‘wailing wall’ Cos’ I’m now feeling so positive regarding this image it would be rude to post my reply on that thread I agree This small (but easy to blow up) photo, is such a good example of why the Taycan just has to have that...
  14. Wailing Wall of Taycan Forum

    Fair enough, they may be in ‘the know’ Journalists have been saying for months, what we see is what we’ll get. I guess I don’t have the same faith in them as you As I’ve said on a few occasions I’m convinced the back end will change to the mission E style spoiler/duct, freely admit I could be...
  15. Wailing Wall of Taycan Forum

    Maybe a bit of wishful thinking on the red line thing, judging by the building behind cladding, something is on the piss either the cladding or Paulo’s red line is on an angle These two lines don’t appear parallel to me But whatever, up to 80mm height between the 911 and Tacan is somewhat...
  16. Wailing Wall of Taycan Forum

    I think it’s going to be 1.38m
  17. Wailing Wall of Taycan Forum

    Can’t agree The panels are bad fitting in almost every shot, it’s hard to find a photo where the aren’t warped by some degree I’m suggesting the final panels are there (housing the electronics ducts etc) just underneath the false ‘overlays’ These overlays (probably a better description) are...
  18. Wailing Wall of Taycan Forum

    I’ve felt your frustration, Pretty sure the majority of members don’t think this is... ‘just a car’ There is a lot of passion in these threads, those posting, absolutely give a shit This thread gives one a chance to vent, (probably under-utilised)... lol The car is a major financial outlay for...
  19. 2020 Porsche Taycan spy pics & videos

    Could be but.... we’ve not seen anything with as sharp a fall on any of the mules This is more mission E than anything we’ve seen It also looks like it matches the dramatic ‘under wrap’ sneak peek PAG-J1 gave us on page 12 So ....hopefully