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  1. DQLAV

    Has anyone installed this Porsche home charger?

    Maybe a slightly different question, but I didn't think it was necessary to start a new thread. I have a Taycan 4S on order (europe, netherlands) with ofcourse, the mobile charger connect. I opt the following options under e-mobility: Now my question is if the charger still comes with a normal...
  2. DQLAV

    Charger 2021 Taycan 4S

    Hi all, I got an update about the onboard AC-charger. A information blogpost from a Porsche Centre in the Netherlands says the following: The highlighted text says the following: 'Home charging is possible with a maximum capacity of 11 kW (alternating current / AC); in time, a 22 kW on-board...
  3. DQLAV

    It’s here! Who said black does not show lines?

    Very nice spec! Cheers first of all. Can't wait to get ours in August, ordered a jet black 4S with black accents, so full stealth mode. Go enjoy it!
  4. DQLAV

    Hidden features in Taycan?

    It has been mentioned before but a function that most people don't know is to open the 'magic' frunk with a sensor. However, only works in conjunction with comfort access.
  5. DQLAV

    Cherry 4s

    Based on the pictures in the configurator, I think cherry looks really good. However, I have never seen a cherry taycan in person so maybe that's making it different.
  6. DQLAV

    Charger 2021 Taycan 4S

    In Europe it's not that likely to charge 22 kWh too, most homes do have 3-phase (Europe uses 230Volts) with 16Amps per circuit (so 230*16*3=11 kWh) - the whole home uses 25 Amps mostly. It's very uncommon to have a 32 Amps single circuit (230*32*3=22kWh).
  7. DQLAV

    Charger 2021 Taycan 4S

    UK's Car Magazine says: “By 2021 at the latest, peak charging power is set to increase from 250 to 350kW, which should – in combination with those latest 800-volt charge points – reduce charging time to a swift 14 minutes.” So maybe the MY2021 supports 350kWh but I'm not sure if that's real...
  8. DQLAV

    Charger 2021 Taycan 4S

    This is said by some dealers, in some countries the MY2021 configurator is already online, so check it out! However, Porsche has never definitively answered this question. Many salesmans say it will come. So count on the taycan MY2021 to charge at 22kWh.
  9. DQLAV

    Taycan new model?

    I also hope that there will be no redesign in the next 5 years because then the current model feels so old... I think he means several versions of the Taycan, for example a Taycan GTS, Taycan 4 etc.
  10. DQLAV

    Taycan new model?

    At the moment nothing has been definitively communicated from Porsche about a new model. It is speculated that there will be a fully electric version of the Macan. The Macan, Cayenne, Panamera etc. will be electrified (expected). Porsche would like to keep the 911 with a petrol engine as this is...
  11. DQLAV

    Ordering a 4S blind

    Red two-tone Leather (USD 10,800): Anyone here has partial leather? Does it look cheap and did you regret not upgrading? I am ok with a black interior, but I believe that a USD250K car should have a leather dashboard. and door trim. The problem is that the salesman advised against the option...
  12. DQLAV

    2020 Taycan Drivers Manual / Owners Manual [PDF]

    Nice to hear, it's great that the possibilities are present. Perhaps there is still enough juice in the battery to last the entire holiday week, but if it is necessary to recharge once, this can be done via the socket at night - no matter how slow :)
  13. DQLAV

    2021 Model Year Taycan configurator comes online for some markets, showing 7 new colors

    Looks like the digital radio is disappeared too, think that got standard too (May also for a car of this amount)
  14. DQLAV

    Bugs / issues I've noticed so far, after a few hours, and much less than 11,000 miles of driving

    Sounds like a lot of PCM errors that can be fixed with OTAs. Have you reported them to Porsche so that they can test extensively and resolve the errors?
  15. DQLAV

    PCM Wouldn’t Accept Password @ Delivery - Bug Found?

    I'm having problems with logging into the app, code: 5_MP_PP. Logging in at the website works perfectly, it's just the app. Think I need to get it activated at a Porsche centre but it can wait for now since it's not too important for me. Need to link account to the vehicle but I'm going to do...
  16. DQLAV

    2021 Model Year Taycan configurator comes online for some markets, showing 7 new colors

    The Dutch configurator isn't updated yet. Cool they added new interior colors do they look great? Which area are you living in? Maybe I can take a look on the configurator in your country to see the new (interior) colors. Or I'll just wait for the configurator to arrive in the Netherlands :)
  17. DQLAV

    2020 Taycan Drivers Manual / Owners Manual [PDF]

    Well, it's like this. Here in the Netherlands, the electricity network is well organized. My home connection is a 3 phase 230V at 32Amps so 22Kw is possible. However, an 11 kwh home charger is connected, so the 22 kwh option won't be used. However, I want to know if the Mobile Charger Connect...
  18. DQLAV

    2020 Taycan Drivers Manual / Owners Manual [PDF]

    Does anyone have the manual of the Mobile Charger Connect? I wonder if you can use it to charge at a socket in a safe way without risk of fire and other fire or overload hazards.
  19. DQLAV

    Taycan 4S Review by Owner, Compared to 911 and Tesla X

    He doesn't have the full leather interior upgrade if I'm right but he still says the quality is so much better then in the Tesla, that's a big compliment to Porsche! He also doesn't have the sport chrono package. I get the impression that he is very satisfied with the car, even with partial...
  20. DQLAV

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I really don't hope so :( Maybe it depends on country?! It is true that there was a production place available for the dealership, if it was not filled with a customer Taycan on time it would have become a demo. Of course we have claimed that place, the sooner the better! We'll have to wait...