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  1. Base model Taycan announced.

    don't worry , the new rose gold color will match your wifes iphone perfectly.
  2. Opinions on Black vs Yellow Calipers on Turbo S

    Maybe I’ll paint my purple so they look like eggplants .
  3. 21 inch wheels on 4S

    Funny . I ordered with 21 but wanted to add a 2nd smaller set later . Will see
  4. German experts new cars will be 50% cheaper

    this all coming from someone who lives in asia, (for the record i was born overseas, so its not a racist comment its more of a commment where your reality is alot diffrent then ours at the moment. go away with your endless printing of money. Oh wait, we here in the US are...
  5. German experts new cars will be 50% cheaper

    you will not be disappointed with a tesla any model any version. Rides very nice, smooth and fast. + the semi auto self driving is really nice. and please dont kill me, but I think alot of people would opt for a tesla roadster 2 over a taycan if was out already. ( or even if they...
  6. Has anyone outside of the East Coast received their 4S yet? I'm Pissed (not COVID-19 related).

    Your points are 100% valid in my opinion. Maybe being new Porsche guys , You and I just don’t get it? Btw, Why are so many turbo s models just sitting around and not sold yet?
  7. Taycan 4S Minor Issues

    Good luck . Looking forward to your updates.
  8. My Carmine red Taycan Turbo delivered yesterday

    looks great! congrats, I really like this config of the back seats
  9. German experts new cars will be 50% cheaper

    If we look back @ post 2008 when ford stock was @ 2.00 and on the brink of bankruptcy and their logo and brand name up as collateral to help stay afloat ( and yes the goverment forced alot of money on them) , never were prices 50% off. you could not buy a jaguar for 50% off...
  10. Orange wrap

    you cannot go wrong with 3m , they make the best stuff out there. Curios, why Wrap versus Paint? is there that much difference in cost? or is it a quality thing?
  11. German experts new cars will be 50% cheaper

    i think he meant they will be 50% cheaper to build , as robots will take over most human task, the car companies will use this Pandemic to Replace most people with robots citing Health and safety concerns.
  12. 19 vs. 20 inch wheels?

    The mission e wheels for me please.
  13. Taycan / Porsche accessories that are must haves?

    When we met with @louv over in san jose, He had a nice Camera set up mounted to the windshield that looked pretty sweet. and I believe he said he wired it up and over and behind his seat. I also slightly remember him talking about how had some small issues with the radar...
  14. Bill Gates' first electric car? A Porsche Taycan

    I'm sure that as soon as they found out he was interested, they asked him for input during the development. they probably flew a couple to him for testing prior to taking delivery of his own. "Back in 1979, when Gates first started making big money off Microsoft, he decided to...
  15. Taycan / Porsche accessories that are must haves?

    Before we took delivery of the model 3 I was able to find a nice link and you tube video of some must have accessories put together by current owners. For all current taycan/porsce owners can you report on what off the shelf products you have found helpful with your car, be it...
  16. rimblades / rim savers?

    anyone have these installed ? almost every car i have seen has some sort of wheel damage including our model 3 , wondering if any owners have tried these rim guards / rim savers. seems like a rubber or plastic that may help keep the wheels scuff free?
  17. Mission Taycan 4S Accomplished (Delivered)!

    Curious. Did they charge u a destination fee even though u picked up from factory? When we Got the tesla 3 They charged us $1500 or something like that. Even though the build factory is 15 min drive from me. I was gonna pick it up. But said f it. If I have to pay, Might as well have them...
  18. Mission Taycan 4S Accomplished (Delivered)!

    Damn! That’s the one right there. Looks like a freaking storm trooper! Can you send me your build code? I’m pretty sure it’s just like what I ordered but would like to compare. Yours is def the exterior I want. Right Down to the badge deletion. Then after tinted windows of course.
  19. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    martinihoudini, if I only knew... 7.4 520 lbs #weareeverywhere
  20. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    New date of delivery 5/22 to coincide with the halving. Let’s keep fingers crossed.