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  1. JayGT4

    400 Mile day trip through the Colorado mountains - power/battery consumption info for Taycan 4S

    Amazing scenery and thanks for sharing the positive feedback on the driving experience. Frozen Blue under those blue skies is a perfect match :involve:
  2. JayGT4

    Spirited driving on mountain road and the Taycan stays with the Cayman GT4

    Thanks for posting that @Chuck J ! Exactly what I was hoping for - that my Taycan will be able hang with my GT4 in the handling department. :rock:
  3. JayGT4

    Taycan Wheel Spacers - 15mm front / 10mm rear

    You should be fine with 10-15mm wheel spacers. Since you're increasing the front and rear track width by about the same, you shouldn't notice any difference in handling, unless you're pushing the limits on a track. And even then probably only expert track drivers would be able to tell the...
  4. JayGT4

    Turbo Pickup in VA and 450 mile road trip to southwest NC - experience and feedback

    Yes, if you have any more shots of the blue lights in daytime or night time, that'd be great.
  5. JayGT4

    Turbo Pickup in VA and 450 mile road trip to southwest NC - experience and feedback

    Great read and feedback, thanks for sharing! And congrats on the new ride. One thing I've always thought when reading these great delivery trip reports is that it's awesome how there's no break-in period needed! So we get immediate feedback from owners on acceleration and performance. :rock:
  6. JayGT4

    Taycan service interval?

    This may help?
  7. JayGT4

    Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Beautiful car, the tint is perfect. What % and brand is it if you don't mind?
  8. JayGT4

    Aftermarket wheels for Taycan

    That's going to look amazing and unique. :clap: It'll be paired with the wrap style that's in your avatar?
  9. JayGT4

    Orange wrap

    Great choice, that looks fire! :involve: And like others said you can't go wrong with 3M vinyl wrap for quality. You may have seen some of these already in your research but Fiery Orange G364 looks amazing in real life. Love how it can go from a bright orange to a copper look depending on the...
  10. JayGT4

    ~1000km in Mamba Green Taycan Turbo S

    She's stunnning! Never thought green + red + yellow would be a nice combination on a sedan but it actually looks wonderful on the your Taycan. Impressive bit about the braking ability feeling like it matches the 911 TTS. :clap:
  11. JayGT4

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Gentian Blue Taycan with bronze / gold wheels.
  12. JayGT4

    New member from South Florida, build thoughts ?

    Nice build. I haven't seen white brakes on Dolomite Silver yet but silver is a light color so it should match. And the brakes will match the 21" Mission E wheels great. Please post pics when you get the car!
  13. JayGT4

    Porsche has 'extremely good ideas' for future Taycan versions

    Taycan convertible would be cool. Hadn't considered that there's not a single convertible EV until now. Definitely an unfulfilled niche (albeit small).
  14. JayGT4

    Matte Black Taycan Turbo

    Looks amazing! Wonder when we'll see the first PTS (paint to sample) Taycan and what color it'll be.
  15. JayGT4

    Taycan / Porsche accessories that are must haves?

    Yes, in my experience the insulated glass wrecked radar detector performance. Never affected my phone cellular reception though.
  16. JayGT4

    Getting Porsche Mobile Charger Connect before car delivery

    I was planning on charging daily simply using the standard 240v NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage. Any downsides to doing so?