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  1. Do you suggest eBay to sell used Taycan exclusive carbon wheels?

    I’m comfortable enough with new 22” that I’d like to sell my original 21” carbon fiber wheels. Is eBay best site? Back to dealer? Fair price? I’m in Michigan so is shipping pain in the ass? I’m great at landscaping, not car stuff ( but love my Taycan) the old ones look terrific, 15,800 miles...
  2. Switched to 22” wheels for a different look

    After a fantastic year 1 with my Taycan ( besides a few stops by the Boys in Blue) I decided to swap the carbon fiber blades for a more open look. Might keep the others or sell them not sure but I do like the new look. I know though it’s a personal preference thing for everyone.
  3. Any site suggestions? Something took a bite out of me on freeway

    2020, turbo sports package gloss finish. Just the surface piece damaged. Is this something a homeowner can replace? Any site suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ! Mike
  4. Tahoe caught fire, thankfully it was far enough away from Taycan

    Nothing like watching TV and having someone pound on your door screaming that your cars on fire. I looked out the window and saw flames were rolling up my Tahoe windshield from under the hood. The Heater/blower unit making a weird noise earlier in day and fire department said that’s where it...
  5. Electrify America Poll

    Since my last 4 of 6 visits to EA have not gone great I am curious how things went for you ? I can say when it suggests for you you to call in to the EA people at the 800# they have been fantastic but it does seem like there are lots of issues they are working on. Some of my issues have...
  6. I couldn’t resist the sunset

    Just a fantastic night !
  7. Installed clear side markers, trunk liner, WeatherTech mats and phone holder

    Thanks to a great tutorial on here I changed out the side markers and like them much better than the all orange. I also added the suncoast truck liner, weather tech phone holder and like my other set the mats from weather tech are a nice snug fit. Pics below if interested.
  8. Before I got my Taycan T I said I'd drive it maybe 20 miles a day...

    But then I actually took ownership of and I literally can't stop driving it. I've never been in a vehicle when you're going 40 to punch the pedal, blink to then see 60 (yes my first EV) I am in the field with my crews trying to get caught up on landscaping accounts. The state gave us the...
  9. Close Enough ? Yes or No

    Jury is still out!
  10. $1,000 yearly EV registration fee?

    Just read Illinois proposing a special EV registration fee that is 57 times more than standard vehicle fee. $1,000 per year instead of $18. Wow !!!! They need that gas tax and bad !
  11. Maybe the curves are hiding?