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  1. thenaimis

    Porsche Announces Mission R EV Sports Car Concept

    I was going to say that it's probably mineral oil, but TIL mineral oil is just a highly refined petroleum oil. So your brake fluid on your EV is (probably) petroleum based. 🤷‍♂️
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    Mobile Charger Connect Does Not Like Class A Networks

    Must be 10.0.x.x specifically, my home network is configured to use the 10.x.x.x network (not 10.0.x.x, obviously) and I had no issues - but I never use 0 in any of the octets for anything. In any case, class A IP addresses cover an awful lot of addresses ( to, i.e. half...
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    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    I suspect most of the posted pictures have been taken with phone cameras where the only white balance is auto white balance, so it's trying to make everything look the same.
  4. thenaimis

    Anyone in the US take delivery recently?

    At least it didn't have to go through the Suez Canal :facepalm:
  5. thenaimis

    Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    Only a few hundred miles since I picked it up in November, but no problems with the car. There's a slight sag in the spoiler but not enough for me to even bother contacting the dealer.
  6. thenaimis

    Our first Taycan roadtrip - 716 miles over 14 hours

    Based on the comments here, it sounds like there's occasional disparity between what the car requests and what is supplied. Seems like it'd be nice to be able to get the car to tell us what power level the car is requesting, what the SE is capable of supplying and what the SE is currently...
  7. thenaimis

    Great Electrify America Experience

    I took off in my Taycan after a frustrating two weeks at work and used your list as a guide for a test at the nearest EA station. I was able to charge using the 350kW charger without any trouble at all, though I was starting at 73% SoC so I didn't get anywhere close to 270kW. Thanks a ton for...
  8. thenaimis

    Great Electrify America Experience

    I added this whole list to a google keep checklist to try out next time I feel like giving it a shot :)
  9. thenaimis

    Lemon Law Attorney Steve Lehto on VinWiki

    I ran across this on youtube and it ended up being fairly educational about Lemon Law in general as well as giving a sense of "lemons" across the industry. I thought it particularly interesting in the context of the people who have had to do Lemon Law claims on their Taycan. (Lehto also posted...
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    Worse build ever? do your worst…

    this is the worst I could come up with
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    Taycan Pinball

    As a Taycan owner and a pinball enthusiast and collector, I can say that this is really cringe. The manufacturer is... not good. And I'm extremely underwhelmed by this machine. Find the original thread here:
  12. thenaimis

    Porsche Taycan in the Texas Winter Storm

    To clarify, I turned off cabin heat when I saw how fast it was draining the battery, in favor of using the seat heater alone, which, coupled with my heavy clothing, was more than enough to be comfortable, and didn't drain the battery anywhere near as fast. I did borrow a neighbor's 500W...
  13. thenaimis

    Porsche Taycan in the Texas Winter Storm

    Some of you probably know that last week Texas (and indeed a good chunk of the USA) was subjected to a major winter storm. I think it hit Texas particularly hard because set up the electrical grid here to be free from US federal regulations. Well, I was one of those millions of people without...
  14. thenaimis

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Not the easiest task trying to correct the overexposure here. More later when I'm more caught up with the forum, but this is from Austin, TX, at the beginning of the winter storm.
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    2021 Audi RS e-tron GT Prototype Review

    Reminds me of how my dad used to refer to our Volvo as "baby shit yellow". Basically this:
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    Texas Residents Electric Vehicle Rebate

    Glad I got in when I did, then. I finally got the check a week or two ago, though in this case I was kind of glad they took a few extra days because someone broke into our mailbox just after the new year :eek:
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    Members Say Hello Here!

    really? :oops:
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    Tesla recalls 158,000 Model S and X cars

    That's a pretty dodgy looking URL for an off-topic first post. Not clicking.