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  1. Which option did you have the hardest time reaching a decision?

    The coated brakes do not give off any dust and don't cost $30,000 to replace like the ceramic.
  2. Wheel & Tire Protection Plan

    I got the coverage and glad to have it. I curbed the passenger side wheels going through a bank drive through. Repaired perfectly, no charge. then a slow leak on a rear tire. Nail. Replaced no charge.
  3. Day after purchasing Taycan 4S Electrical system error and bricked car in the middle of the highway.

    17 /5500 is a .2% probability of this happening. I'm sure I would be very upset if it happened to me but I don't consider that to be a widespread problem. I doubt there will be any recall. My thought is that a lot of the problems relate to the dealer not checking the vehicle before delivery...
  4. Day after purchasing Taycan 4S Electrical system error and bricked car in the middle of the highway.

    I have a 2020 Turbo, delivered in June of last year. Just had the update done and no issues. Is there an actual count of the number of these bricked vehicles? Sometimes reading the forums it can seem like everyone is having a problem when in fact it is a very small number. I thought Porsche...
  5. Curbed Mission E wheel

    I curbed my 2 passenger side Mission E wheels going through a bank drive through. I had insurance and Porsche easily repaired them both. Can't tell now. Retail was about $150/wheel. 1 day job.
  6. Car arrives next week. What should I do first?

    Your receptacle for the charger needs to be upside down.
  7. Cold weather, no garage, interested in buying Taycan

    How about waiting until the house is close to finished.
  8. Taycan 4S vs. Turbo: Wham

    The solution to motion sickness is doing it more until you get used to it!
  9. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Received the email today and booked in Cleveland for the 16th.
  10. Enough Complaining, Let's talk about what we love about the Taycan and why we bought it.

    June 2020 Turbo. About 5000 miles now. Styling is awesome! Truly a beautiful car! Fit and finish is great Interior is very well done. performance is a blast! My first EV (4th Porsche) and I love not going to a gas station. Charging at EA stations is really fast. 20 minutes 35% to 85% It's a...
  11. Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    June 2020 Turbo. The car is awesome! No issues other than minor wing alignment.
  12. Taycan Turbo S vs. McLaren Senna DRAG RACE 😮

    The interior of the Senna is UGLY!!
  13. Charging is not possible - Grounding device error

    I had the same issue until the software update. Since then, no problem.
  14. TURBO or TURBO S

    I have a Turbo and love it. You may not have it for 6 years, but the ceramic brakes are $30,000+ to replace!!
  15. Surprise Gift from Porsche

    I received the same yesterday.
  16. Taycan 4S First Thoughts

    The hold function works anytime. Just push harder on the brake pedal and "hold" appears in green on the center screen.
  17. Don’t curb the wheels!!

    I curbed my front right wheel much worse than yours. I had purchased the wheel in surname from Porsche and the dealer had a subcontractor wheel repair service come in while I waited and repaired the wheel to look like new. The repair guy did say that it took twice as long as typical due to the...
  18. Opinions on Olea Brown Interior

    Also, In pictures the red looks more red or pink than it actually is.
  19. Opinions on Olea Brown Interior

    I have the red leather with Dolomite silver. Love it. Thery told me they put the ceramic coating on the interior.?? I had the PPF on the entire car plus ceramic.