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  1. mangobay

    Cruise control skipping numbers

    Hi. This is happening to me too and I’m convinced it wasn’t happening before the amb5 recall update. I think the actual speed adjusts when nudged up or down but the green indicator doesn’t record the intermediate numbers!
  2. mangobay

    Island holiday with Cross Turismo

    Nice border terriers too! Perfect dog for the location.
  3. mangobay

    Best home chargers UK

    Integration with Solar is my reason too, my SolarEdge EV charger is much easier to manage alongside solar generation than the PMCC etc
  4. mangobay

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    You all think your cameras are bad? Check mine out…. I’ll be pleased just to get an image I can use however distorted. It’s carded to be replaced as it’s a known issue with water ingress down the cable loom. Can’t believe I lived with this for 10 months. Has helped me relearn how to reverse...
  5. mangobay

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    Interestingly, back onto the reversing camera - I have always thought mine was dreadful, but put it down to its position on the back of the lower-rear, hard to keep clean etc. No personal issue with the way the software / guideline works, just image quality itself. Totally different to the front...
  6. mangobay

    Recommendations for a good provider of trunk covers?

    I have used before for other cars and their products are excellent. Maybe worth checking what they have available or in development?
  7. mangobay

    Registration in UK mid august

    I’ve always been advised the opposite and certainly a 71 plate would carry a slight premium over a 21 plate in the resale market. Maybe if you’re leasing it makes no difference if the RV is unaffected, but if buying I would always take the pain and wait until September personally. Enjoy it when...
  8. mangobay

    CT4S in Frozen Blue with Bordeaux Red Leather??? Is this too bright/am I too old!!!

    I’m not commenting on the mid life crisis issue, as clearly we all have those, but for what it’s worth…. I love both colour options but not sure personally I would choose them together. The B Red goes brilliantly with black greys and neutral colours but I think you need a neutral leather with...
  9. mangobay

    Estate cars for the Brits

    It’s a good job is brits aren’t quirky 😂. Thanks for sharing.
  10. mangobay

    Learning to drive in a Taycan Turbo

    Someone has to ask… was the first conversation with the insurance company??
  11. mangobay

    V2L - Any news/rumours/indications?

    I think the vehicle to grid concept is a great one in theory, especially when you look at the cost of adding a storage battery to a hone solar system, which currently doesn’t make a lot of economic sense everywhere. If you have a battery sat on the drive it could be excellent. My biggest...
  12. mangobay

    No Apple Music or Weather or News buttons showing after update

    Two ways to turn off I think. There’s a small symbol on left side of central screen you can use to toggle it and also one of the menu items on top row of lower screen. Good luck!
  13. mangobay

    No Apple Music or Weather or News buttons showing after update

    I believe weather and news work off the cell data connection so maybe the reason you don’t have it is because of a bad cell signal?
  14. mangobay

    No Apple Music or Weather or News buttons showing after update

    Not sure if it’s the same issue I had, but I have experienced this a couple of times. I found that when using CarPlay the car stopped trying to use its LTE data connection and just thought it should be getting data over the Wi-fi link with the iPhone , which clearly doesn’t work. The symptoms...
  15. mangobay

    Official Garage thread

    Typical UK garage 😂
  16. mangobay

    Yellow turtle drive error

    I dont have a resolution for you sorry. I spoke to my dealer about it (who have been good on other issues) and they have not seen or heard of it before, so we agreed I would keep using the car and see if it happened again - I cant really be without the car for days while they try and recreate...
  17. mangobay

    Yellow turtle drive error

    I don’t think either relevant this time. Battery soc about 79% and temp about 18degrees centigrade.
  18. mangobay

    Yellow turtle drive error

    Hi all My wife experienced a sudden loss of drive today without me in the car. Luckily I had just this morning warned about all the issues people on the forum have been having and it wasn’t a dangerous spot. Car came to a halt and she was able to turn off and on and all well again. The only...
  19. mangobay

    Car Finder Slow & Unreliable

    Not sure if it helps but I had real issues with the connection between my Taycan and the Porsche server this week generally (UK) and all linked services were down for days, but restored themselves yesterday.
  20. mangobay

    The ship delivering my Taycan is aesthetically unappealing and has a sissy-sounding name.

    To us Northern Europeans there’s something very aesthetically minimalist about your ship. A massive slab of cool in my book. Even without taking into account the fact it’s full of Taycans.