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  1. Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Outside of Austin, TX, with Lake Travis in the background, on a beautiful Fall day.
  2. Trip report from Nice area, France to Stockholm, Sweden in Taycan Turbo

    I suspect you'll mention this in one of the next Trip Day reports you post, but it looks like you took a ferry from Helsingør to Helsingborg instead of driving from København to Malmö over Storebæltsbroen - is that correct? Was that a more convenient route or simply more relaxing?
  3. Wow - No Open Campaigns On My 2022 4S

    My 4S arrived in Austin in March 2021 about a week after being offloaded in Houston. I had to wait a day for the WMA6 update to be installed and then I took delivery. The new Austin dealership building hadn't yet been occupied so I took delivery at the older (and I do mean OLDER) building. The...
  4. OFFICIAL: TeslaTap Mini Adapter GROUP BUY is now AVAILABLE

    Agreed! I've ordered a 60A as well.
  5. 3000 Miles for £48.75

    I just passed 2250 miles on my 4S and I've paid $0 for electricity so far as I've made it a goal to only charge from my solar system when my Tesla Powerwall batteries are full and I'm selling excess electricity back to my electricity provider. That said, my solar system (28kW system with 86...
  6. Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    That little rectangular, black box contains a wrench and a couple of other tools. You have to pull it apart from the middle to open it as indicated by the arrows on the box.
  7. Personalized License Plates - What’s Yours / What do you Suggest?

    ELKTRK was already taken in Texas so I went with this:
  8. Let us know how your recall update (Powertrain Shutdown / Loss of Power) went

    I drove my car again yesterday and it turns out the cruise control not working was user error on my part. My guess is that while the update was being performed the button on the end of the cruise control stalk was pushed and cruise control was turned off. My steering wheel placement obscures...
  9. Taycan Charging Profile charged to incorrect %

    I'm fairly certain the departure timer is set, but that's a good thought and I'll confirm that.
  10. Taycan Charging Profile charged to incorrect %

    I did notice that after allowing my SOC to run down below 40% that the next time I charged it stopped at 88% instead of 85% - which is also what my charging profile is set to. I charged again yesterday after returning from the dealership for the AMB5 update and this time it charged to 85%. I'll...
  11. Recall campaign updates crashing

    The update of my 2021 4S took about 45 minutes this morning. I did, however, notice on the drive home that my cruise control was not working. I'll try again after letting it sit for a while today. Otherwise everything seemed to be working.
  12. Let us know how your recall update (Powertrain Shutdown / Loss of Power) went

    Just arrived at the dealership in Austin about 30 minutes ago. My 2021 Taycan 4S is currently in a service bay and I'm watching from the gallery. I'm hoping (against hope?) that the update will be completed in 2 hours or less. UPDATE: The installation of the software update only took about 45...
  13. Recall update refused!

    I received a call back from James, the Service Manager for Austin Porsche, who stated the same thing many others have been reporting in this thread - that the recall wasn't yet visible in the system and therefore there was nothing he could do at this time. However, he did offer to monitor the...
  14. Recall update refused!

    I was told this morning by the Service department at Porsche Austin that they don't see the recall in their system either. I asked them if they could see either the NHTSA recall number 21V-486 or the Porsche recall AMB5 in their system yet and the response was no. I've sent an email with links...
  15. Quad HD Dual Dashcam front and back

    Does the rear camera hide behind the roofline of the rear window in your car as well? That is very appealing to not have it visible in the rearview mirror in rear window. Is Timacam the only app that will work with this cam? Having advertisements in the dash cam app is enough to steer me to...
  16. Quad HD Dual Dashcam front and back

    I tried to send a DM but the site won't allow me, likely due to some sort of permissions. Have you had any takers for your "spare" CarCam yet? Any idea what it would cost to ship it to Texas in the USA?
  17. Quad HD Dual Dashcam front and back

    @TaycanTurboS-yellow what are your thoughts about this camera now that you've had it for a couple of weeks? Any issues with it running down the 12v battery? Are you still satisfied with the quality of the video and the resolution? It is the most "clean" installation of a dash cam for a Taycan...
  18. Any other Danes :) in here ???

    Yes, I've been driving my 2021 4S for a couple of months now and love it. I've only put about 1200 miles\1950 km on it so far but it is ridiculously fun to drive. If I were in Danmark I wouldn't mind driving it on some of the open roads in Jylland or even heading to Eastern Germany where there...
  19. Any other Danes :) in here ???

    There are a few Danes (and other Scandinavians) on the forum. Og jeg taler dansk og boede i København i 1990'erne. You're going to love your Taycan! Tillykke!
  20. Turning on the Massage Seats

    Anytime my 13 year old son is in the car with me now it's a given that within a minute of starting to drive off he'll say "Hey Porsche, massage passenger". I love it!