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  1. December 2021 Delivery

    I messaged @Climax_F82, who has been super helpful.
  2. Ordered RWD in March, still no delivery date?

    I have a fairly complete build on a 2022 Taycan Turbo S (passenger display, burm, night vision, innodrive, sport pasm...) and it got built in a week earlier this month. Now at Emden waiting for a boat.
  3. December 2021 Delivery

    The delays are mainly at Long Beach and other container ports. The RORO ports of San Diego and Benicia don't seem to have ships waiting. My gut feeling is that we probably won't see major port congestion in terms of delays unloading the ships because production volumes have gone down due to the...
  4. December 2021 Delivery

    Congrats! What‘s your config?
  5. December 2021 Delivery

    I wonder if they re-engineered the affected parts in the 2022 Taycans so they are coming from a different, less-impacted source now.
  6. Taycan Stop Sale

    It sounds like the vehicles come with a function that will turn on the hazards before a potential collision (hence “pre-collision activation“) and they are removing this functionality.
  7. December 2021 Delivery

    My Taycan has arrived at Emden and is now awaiting a ship to take it to Benicia (scheduled for 11/05, hoping for an earlier ship but we'll see). Dates are still the same otherwise: a 12/10 delivery to the SF Bay Area. Also thanks to @Climax_F82 for checking, and the vehicle currently has no...
  8. So, is it acceptable or normal for dealerships to add $20k Premium?

    Well, Apple is still mass market, but what Hermes, Rolex, and Ferrari dealers do is that they make you buy a bunch of other stuff before they let you buy the really desirable bags/watches/cars at MSRP. If you don't, sure you can be on a waiting list, but they'll never get to you.
  9. December 2021 Delivery

    I think that isn't in the system early unfortunately, so you'll see it at the same time you see it on the page itself. When it appears it will show up in locationDescription, but then at that point it will also be on the page:
  10. December 2021 Delivery

    You can get your VIN by using your browser's developer tools. Go to the TYD website, and then right click anywhere on the page and click on "Inspect". That should bring up the developer tools. In Developer Tools, go to the Network tab, and click on Fetch/XHR. Refresh the page, and you should...
  11. December 2021 Delivery

    The car has finished production and is now in "Ready for Transport" status at the railyard waiting for transport to Emden. Delivery date to the dealership went back to 12/10, and everything else moved up a week (arrival at Benicia now 12/3).
  12. Delivery delays

    As I understand it, a lot of it is based on past sales performance and customer satisfaction rankings, at least in the US. As for individual allocations, it really depends on the individual circumstance. I ordered in September and my car just finished production, but that's because I got an...
  13. Day 31 without my ‘21 Taycan…and no ETA

    The lemon law claim will be against PCNA. The dealer has no stake in it either way except maybe accepting the vehicle on behalf of PCNA after the lemon law claim goes through. I think after 30 days it would be helpful to talk to a lemon law lawyer to see if you have a case since each state has...
  14. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    I think it isn’t an update but I think they are submitting paperwork or waiting for EPA approval. The cars don’t have an official EPA range or consumption figure yet (no 2022 Taycans on right now).
  15. New build critique

    I think it is common amongst the German manufacturers. A 530i starts at $54k, and an M5 competition starts at $111k, and a 740i starts at $87k, and a M760i starts at almost $160k.
  16. December 2021 Delivery

    Another update. The delivery date to dealership slipped by a week to 12/17. This is probably more realistic -- the original dates had the ship docking in Benicia and the car being at the dealership on the same date.
  17. Baltimore to Champion Porsche (Pompano Beach)

    Given current logistical challenges, it could be any number of reasons: Baltimore has TPMS chips / JAX running out of space / etc...
  18. December 2021 Delivery

    Looks like our cars are production line buddies. I assume you are on the East Coast though (my delivery date is a week later and the expectation from my dealer is that it will take a week or two later than the 12/10 projection for the car to be delivered).
  19. December 2021 Delivery

    Update on my car: According to TYD, vehicle just went into production today ("Start Production" or V260), 3 days ahead of schedule. Other dates are unchanged.
  20. Pano roof in hot climate Y or N

    Yup, if you don't spec Premium Package or Option 3FG Fixed Panoramic Roof in Glass, you get a metal roof even on the Turbo S.