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  1. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    totally hear you on this and you’re not wrong. At the same time you’re coming from a completely different perspective than us on completely different timelines with ‘21s lingering at the factory. The compounding challenges for us include: - buying another car to fill the gap (some even sold cars...
  2. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    you’re not missing much: “The lineup will grow again in the middle of next year with a variant that will slot just below the Taycan Turbo. The new GTS model should be powered by a 93.4-kilowatt- hour battery and have sporty styling and handling.”
  3. Cross Turismo Goes off Road

    Off-road package should come with a winch. How else am I going to tackle Moab?
  4. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    Still not showing up for me in “my vehicles” after logging out and back in. It was in there as of two days ago.
  5. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    Short term there won’t be a difference in ‘21 vs ‘22 pricing but 2-3 years from now I anticipate a $10k difference in resale cost. I’m justifying staying the course with the ‘21 CT4 as long as the $7500 tax credit remains in place, which should soften the residual blow later on. The interest...
  6. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    I kinda want to fly out to zuffenhausen, ask what’s going on, and offer to lend a hand on the lines. Even if that isn’t productive I can console myself with some local brats and beer.
  7. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    The CT4 is no longer showing in my vehicles on the Porsche site, yet TYD is populating. Hoping this glitch means something positive…
  8. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    Complete speculation, I’m guessing a supplier doesn’t have the chip(s) and that part is holding everything up. Why this is not communicated by anyone to us that are waiting is bewildering. My wife and I are still interested in buying our 2021, especially in light of the greater chip and supply...
  9. UK delivery production delays

    This is not accurate. I’ve been shifted four months in the US. Delivery started at 9/3, now to 12/31. Some cars are trickling in, including 2022s somehow but there are significant delays for US-bound cars.
  10. MY21 cross turismo further delays

    Except for the half a dozen ‘22s (reported on this forum so far) that are already on ships to the US. My wife will be driving a three year old car for now - a BMW we’re more or less forced to buy off lease - since the current ETA for her ‘21 CT4 is now four months after the initial delivery...
  11. Production Started in July, Still at the Factory 3 Months later?

    We’re all aware of this. What’s coming out in this and other threads is ‘22s tracking ahead of ‘21s. I didn’t think that would be possible but there are now ‘22s on ships with earlier delivery dates than our ‘21s sitting unfinished at the factory. I have no issue with others receiving cars on...
  12. Wow - No Open Campaigns On My 2022 4S

    Are you in the US? Three weeks between shipping and delivery seems too quick.
  13. Wow - No Open Campaigns On My 2022 4S

    That’s definitely few options. Wonder what the holdup is for all the stuck 2021 CT4. We have: Premium package Sport chrono w/compass Rear axle steer Heated steering wheel Power folding mirrors Rear 2+1 Also delivery to Texas, expected delivery 12/10, moved from original date of 9/3.
  14. Wow - No Open Campaigns On My 2022 4S

    what packages/options are on your ordered car?
  15. Production Started in July, Still at the Factory 3 Months later?

    Same situation here (Texas/US)with a CT4. Not much info out there, though dealer has said they’ve had other customer Taycans at port for months waiting on parts, so even if cars start shipping stateside they’ll be stuck until the parts arrive. I’d be really shocked and disappointed if MY22s...
  16. 4s Cross Turismo Problems

    Saw one at Sportscar Together Fest last weekend. Very happy my wife (and 6yo daughter) chose this color. And no alarms went off during the event.
  17. Huge demand for Taycan causing wait to stretch to 6 months

    Thanks for details. Our CT4 started production 7/14, anticipated completion 10/15 and delivery scheduled for 12/10 according to TYD, FWIW.
  18. Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Or get both. Already have a Panamera ST and wife ordered Taycan CT to replace her X5d, so we will be a two Porsche wagon household. I plan to borrow her new car on weekends to run errands, limiting miles on the ST and trying to be more eco-conscious. ST will obviously be the long roadtrip car...