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  1. Dolomite Silver Taycan Cross Turismo CT 4S Wrapped in Satin PPF

    Not a fan...I love the exciting angular aspects that a shine on a car provides.
  2. hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    Strange, I get 240 registered at 85% when I charge. Maybe let it get down real low before recharge.
  3. I am just stunned

    This warrrants a call or email to Porsche Cara of America They need to get on that dealer.
  4. Anyone considering other EV's?

    I agree. The need to look right to the “dashboard” of the Tesla is really distracting and its Calvin is mundane. Fit, look, quality and handling exemplify the TC.
  5. Taycan 4S vs GTS

    In my experience with Porsche (years) they will come out with a GTS at some point and it will have bells and whistles that will be significantly less than if you added them piece meal. I've had both, a 911GTS with super adds-on, and a Macan S which I ordered and received right after they come...
  6. After 45 days my Taycan Tourism Cross is.....dead

    Where are you located? The alternative is always pulling a 2 1/2 ton car out of your garage and putting it on a flat bed! A nightmare for sure.
  7. Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Bottom line for me was that the Panamera doesn fit in my garage.
  8. Anyone thought of buying a Panamera ST vs Taycan Cross Turismo?

    Nope. I’ve got it covered with a Macan for hauling and a Taycan fir fun.
  9. Custom Key FOB

    does it fit the Taycan fob?
  10. Top to Bottom Review of the 2021 Taycan 4S (After 6 months ownership)

    Really great info and it tracks with everything I’ve noted on my 2020. Thanks.
  11. Taycan key fob battery

    Key fob - has anyone had problems with the battery on the key fob? I’ve had to replace both at least once. The dealer feels it might be keeping the fobs too close to the car and they continue to communicate somehow.