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  1. Rumor of significant charging issue causing Taycan failures

    Why does ruining a battery total a car? This is nonsense.
  2. Taycan is now outselling the 911

    When I bought my Taycan I couldn’t buy a 911 for love or money. Now I cant buy either. Until Covid blows over the number of cars sold has nothing to do with demand, only with supply, and supply seems to be drying up for all Porsches.
  3. question on US headlights vs. EU Headlights

    Suncoast Porsche parts seems to show 3 different versions of the Glacier Blue headlights. My VIN allowed me to order any of the three I wanted. $3800 for a new pair.
  4. question on US headlights vs. EU Headlights

    From quick research on eBay, the headlights are different between USA and Europe. I do not think a software update will do It. USA headlights have PDLS+SAE. Headlights from German EBay have PDLS+RV. Admittedly one is matrix, one is not, but I believe SAE description is what matters. Whether...
  5. Charging Best Practices

    Don’t forget about wear and tear on the charging port and paint wear on the flap:devil:.
  6. Is Taycan Turbo S too much as a daily driver

    If it’s too fast, you are too old.
  7. 912 EV conversion

    Terrible to ruin a classic.
  8. Two Speed EV transmission a good idea?

    I’m wondering if the transmission may help with recuperation.
  9. Jack Pad adapter?

    I have ordered a later model Panamera jack socket. They use the same jack. The parts guy said they have them in the U.S. so I should get next week. When it arrives I will compare with the Taycan socket and if the same will have a mold made and plug adapters soon afterwards. The Panamera was...
  10. Owning 2 Taycans

    I’d wait for Taycan II.
  11. [ANSWERED] Contents of Frunk

    I keep a pair of wheel hangers up there, just in case.
  12. Jack Pad adapter?

    I am working on a solution with a local supplier. Meanwhile the Mercedes square adapter seems to be the closest fit.
  13. Jack Pad adapter?

    I’m having a hard time picturing a round Tesla fitting a square hole. The Tesla jack pads I have for my Cayman/Metris are too big in diameter (hockey puck size) to fit the square hole where the Porsche jack pad is. Even then The adapters I have would not be deep enough to clear the underbody...
  14. Jack Pad adapter?

    The Taycan jack from Porsche clearly shows a rectangular top. Pulling the jack pad off reveals the round hole. I’m pretty sure Porsche designed the car to be jacked with the jackpad in place. Ergo the BMW style jack pad.
  15. Jack Pad adapter?

    Am I missing something? Aren’t Tesla jackpads putting a round peg into a square hole? Aren’t BMW better?
  16. Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    Porsche sold 5600 Panameras in China the first quarter of 2021. From what my sales rep told me they sell for a lot more $ there than in the USA. While buying my car they actually had a long wheelbase Panamera that I had no idea existed. It is used sort of like a limo in China.
  17. Non NFO approved tires?

    Interesting article on OEM tire approvals.
  18. Winter tires

    I have to wait long enough to get replacement OEM tires from Discount Tire. Wouldn’t want to wait even longer for tires to come from a foreign country.
  19. Winter tires

    275/40/20 seem to be about 100x as common as 285/40/20. Crucially they are they same diameter as 245/45/20.
  20. PNWR PCA Autocross Taycan 4S Report

    What brakes do you have?