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  1. Jan Delivery

    Start Production date 11/12 Finish Production 11/19 On Vessel 12/10 Arr San Diego 1/7 At Dealer 1/14/22
  2. Dead Car

    I'm sure he has had issues with everything he has owned. I've been driving a Bolt for one year and to my dismay it has been perfect and I have been fussy about my cars for 53 years as a driver.
  3. Collecting my CT this week - is ceramic / PPF really worth it?

    From what you say I would forgo the ceramic and PPF.
  4. Gentian Blue or Ice Grey

    Ice Grey
  5. So, is it acceptable or normal for dealerships to add $20k Premium?

    A lot of Europeans comment on this site. Do you tell them you could care less and go away?
  6. So, is it acceptable or normal for dealerships to add $20k Premium?

    Let's hear from the Brits on here. I believe new vehicles have to be sold by MSRP.
  7. Monochromatic emblems for wheel caps and hood ornament / Euro turn signals?
  8. White Taycan CT or sedan, with XPEL(PPF) stealth front

    No No No, stealth has to be the entire car.
  9. CHERRY METALLIC Taycan Club

    I have Cherry Metallic on order. Trying to find one wrapped in stealth. If someone can post a photo that would be great.
  10. Protection Film - Front

    Ask your dealer if they will fix a bad job. It may need some PPF removal and a redo. I would not trust the job. $2000 at my tint shop locally with expel 10. Also I will have the tint done at the same shop.
  11. One week with my Taycan RWD - impressions

    I bought a Chevy Bolt one year ago to see if I would like an EV and it is perfect. None of the above. Sold my 2017 911 a few months ago. It was perfect. Back and forth with a Model S that I canceled last month and ate the lose on deposit. Ordered the RWD Taycan last month. Porsche don't fail me now.
  12. My first Electrify America charging experience

    My Bolt says the same thing. My garage gets extremly hot during summer months. The A/C for the battery will run a few times a day.
  13. Which extras you wouldn't order again

    Cleaning brake dust off my 911 with white Carrera Sport wheels for 4 1/2 years drove me insane. If it wasn't for regen on the Taycan I would have got PSCB's. I hope it isn't a mistake not getting them.
  14. Pano roof in hot climate Y or N

    For a while, working in the Arizona sun I was going to have my eyeballs tinted.
  15. Pano roof in hot climate Y or N

    With all of that humidity who cares about a little sun.
  16. Panoramic fixed glass roof v Aluminium roof

    My tint guy said that is an absolute no no on the blackout film. Do you have an update?
  17. My first Electrify America charging experience

    Why did you panic about going over 85%? You had another 18 minutes of free charge.
  18. Seat Options

    I had 14-way in my 911. My wife and I are rather short and we never needed the memory or power column so this time opted out on the 14's. All of the 6 footers are always complaining. Glad I'm far from that height. Never realized I was a minority.