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  1. Cross Turismo Goes off Road

    I honestly don’t get the CT. It’s a stylish car, with a different profile to the saloon and a fraction more ground clearance. But it’s no off road car. I don’t get it. Surely I could take a 4s if the rocks were an inch shorter, but why would I? Surely nobody chooses a CT for its off road? it’s...
  2. Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    I like mine, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if I didn’t have it. Only thing worth adding, that’s not been mentioned yet is that like many features, it doesn’t latch. So it turns off whenever you leave the car and needs to be turned on each and every time you take the car out. It’s buried away...
  3. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    Hey if you want to use the feature, I get it. Like a poor mans innodrive in auto. Not super reliable but it’s a useful tool in the box, agreed. But I think the point is that whether you love it or hate it, it’s a driving style thing. So you aren’t going to need to change your mind frequently...
  4. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    really? What for? So sometimes you like to coast like ICE Porsche and sometimes you like to one pedal drive like a Nissan Leaf? :)
  5. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    yea, but offset by the extra weight
  6. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    I don’t think he dissed them, just said you could save your money. There’s a few people on this forum that have driven both springs and air and said both are amazing. I guess the one thing I’d miss about air is the adjustable ride height, but apparently for the driving experience, there’s...
  7. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    Here’s an funny entertaining review of a base RWD model I still woulda chosen a 4Sif they’d had one, but I don’t regret having a Taycan. That review validates not spending money you don’t need to for the reward just having *any* Taycan gives.
  8. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    I think that’s fair. I have the performance battery but rarely does a journey come down to the difference of 30 miles. You’ll be charging somewhere either way. The range is slightly better in the base RWD anyway, no? fwiw - I test drove a Tesla3 and the Taycan on the same day and bought the...
  9. Tyre pressures dropped suddenly

    That’s interesting. I don’t know why they set mine to 3.3. I thought that seemed high. The manual says only 2.3 I’ll have to ask them. Hard to believe the dealer would do something by mistake
  10. Tyre pressures dropped suddenly

    I’ve had my car almost a month, and in that time occasionally glanced at the tyre monitor which always showed around 3.3bar from the dealer. The app shows it in psi or kpa but don’t get me started! today, it had been maybe 48 hours since I’d driven the car I got in the car for a long commute...
  11. Taycan auto opening without comfort access

    Nope. There’s nothing in the manual (good to know app) that describes the strange behaviour in seeing.
  12. Taycan auto opening without comfort access

    Combo test - seems like an obvious observation. same test as before, but after unlocking take the key away out of range. This time, it both locks and retracts the handles but NOT the wing mirrors. returning with the keyfob, and proximity has no effect this time. mans of course, this series of...
  13. Taycan auto opening without comfort access

    thats even weirder. I just tested this. 1) Car is locked. 2) unlock car by pressing key fob and remain standing nearby 3) after 45s the car does indeed lock but door handles and mirrors remain extended. 4) after a further minute, no further actions from the car, but trying the protruded handle...
  14. Taycan auto opening without comfort access

    nope. It’s NOT locking. It’s only retracting the handles. If I pull the handles (like a burglar) the car will open without the key.
  15. Taycan auto opening without comfort access

    As I said, I don’t think it’s locking. Just retracting the handles.
  16. Taycan auto opening without comfort access

    I don’t understand the handles presenting “feature”. I have a 2021 Taycan WITHOUT comfort access. No memory package or anything, just the central locking. When I walk far enough away for a few moments the door handles retract giving the ILLUSION of being locked. But it is definitely NOT...