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  1. What Brand NEMA 14-50 Outlets to Get or Watch Out For?

    Get the Hubble. I didn’t know and originally had one of the cheap Home Depot plugs, one day we came home and I noticed the plug was burnt.
  2. CT Turbo Calliper Colour?

    Should come with PSCB (Porsche Surface Coated Brakes) Caliper in White. You can option black calipers or upgrade to Carbon Ceramics.
  3. Taycan Stop Sale

    Sorry to hear that! Hopefully it gets resolved asap and you can still have your PEC delivery. Please share details about your PECLA delivery!
  4. New build critique

    Nice build! Why are you going with Porsche Crest on head rest and model designation on center console? Turbo S is already included on the headrest, perhaps go with the Crest on the console and skip the head rest option.
  5. Dolomite Silver Taycan Cross Turismo CT 4S Wrapped in Satin PPF

    Looks great! I did this on my Agate Grey Panamera GTS and loved it. One thing to note, having done multiple car complete ppf, when doing satin you really need to find a good installer because any exposed edges will be even more noticeable.
  6. Best PTS color options for Taycan

    Going with acid green on my build!
  7. PPF and Window tint installer

    I've only used Moe @ Glistening Perfection. Can't recommend him and his team enough. They are top quality. For my past cars full PPF is 6-9k depending on how comfortable you are with seams, 1k for ceramic tint, and about 1-2k for paint correction and ceramic coat.
  8. Taycan 4S vs 911 ?

    If you can only have one, honestly I would go with the Taycan. You'll drive it far more often. I wouldn't be able to have only a 911, the backseats are useless, no room to store more then 2 bags of groceries, and on some terrible roads it can be too firm. My wife hates the 911 as well, its too...
  9. Owning 2 Taycans

    Yeah, here in SoCal Tesla's are everywhere and tons of people buy them without having a charger at home and use the super chargers to regularly fill up. We only have to use it during road trips but I just don't want to spend the time super charging every few hours during a road trip. I daily...
  10. Owning 2 Taycans

    Super excited to get it. Wanted PTS but was not able to get a PTS allocation so going with Arctic Grey. Allocations were slim on them, I think only 1-2 per dealer.
  11. Owning 2 Taycans

    Personally I would keep one EV and one ICE for road trips. I've have a Tesla and while the super charging stations are abundant, I don't like having to add about 45 minutes of charging time for every ~200 miles driven. Planning to get a Taycan Turbo S for daily and have a Cayenne GT for road...