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  1. Taycan Stop Sale

    When I spoke to the car sales manager yesterday, he told me that it was ready to go. I’ll find out more once I get there. Hopefully I won’t arrive to find out that they had more stuff still to do. Will post one way or the other tonight.
  2. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    Looks like the cars are starting to be delivered. I received a call from the sales manager at the local dealership to say that I can pick up my 2022 4S tomorrow (Wednesday). It’s en route right now. That’s a much shorter delay than what I thought it was going to be!
  3. Current 2022 Taycan 4S Lease Rates

    Nice rate! I opted for the flexibility of a longer term. My credit union offered even better rates for shorter terms. The point I was trying to make, though, is that there are much better purchase deals to be had than the lease rate that Porsche was offering.
  4. Current 2022 Taycan 4S Lease Rates

    University Federal Credit Union
  5. Taycan Stop Sale

    TYD just updated the status of my car to en route to the dealership. Then I received a call from the dealership saying that I could pick it up tomorrow. It’s a 2022 4S. Looks like things are moving!
  6. Current 2022 Taycan 4S Lease Rates

    I was quoted rates for leasing that I couldn’t believe either. I’m buying instead. 1.95%, 7 years, no penalty for early payoff (which I’ll do at some point). There wasn’t a real discount to go down to a shorter term, so I figured “why not?”. That way I have flexibility. After I arranged...
  7. Charging Best Practices

    Let me say that I’m not disputing your numbers. I’m trying to better understand your numbers with respect to home charging. I really appreciated the in-depth post, so please correct me if I missed something. First, are the numbers you provided numbers that were measured directly at the battery...
  8. What are folks hearing about delivery dates for September 2021 USA Orders

    If there was only 1 2022 4S on the Conductor, that would be mine. Lucky me. It arrived at Houston well before the 11/5 projected date, just to be held up on a stop sale. At least you’re getting information from PCNA and your SA about status. When I contact my Porsche dealership, I usually have...
  9. Taycan Stop Sale

    That’s what it sounded like to me, too. Seems a little drastic based on the fact that they’re just out of spec. I assume that just about everything on the car is programmed, so I’d *think* that they could adjust it instead of turning it off. Maybe this is an interim solution…
  10. Taycan Stop Sale

    I wonder what they mean by the phrase “the subject vehicles will be reprogrammed to remove the function”. Does that mean that they’re fixing the problem, or they’re actually removing the hazard warning lamp functionality? BTW, mine originally showed delivery to the dealer on 10/29, but was...
  11. Wow - No Open Campaigns On My 2022 4S

    Mine arrived in Houston on the SFL Conductor yesterday (10/13), and is supposed to go on the truck to my dealer tomorrow (10/15). However, there’s also an “Administrative Hold” on it at the moment. My SA believes it might be for a software update. Hopefully it will be on the truck tomorrow for a...
  12. Taycan Stop Sale

    I have a 22 4S that’s at the port in Houston. Arrived yesterday (10/13), supposed to be no a truck to the dealer tomorrow (10/15). Currently on “Administrative Hold”, whatever that means. The GM at the local Porsche dealer has a call into somebody (have no idea who) to get more info. Hopefully...
  13. VR Forged D10 22" Taycan Fitment - Looking for marketing!!

    Really like the wheels! Any idea what wheels that large do to the range? My understanding is that the 21” wheels significantly impact range over the 20” (by something like 10%), but that’s just from memory, so I might be quite off with this number.
  14. how to set a 80% Charging limit?

    Porsche calls it a charger in their literature. PMC = Porsche Mobile Charger, per their manual. Argue with them if you like over terminology. I was simply responding to a question, not questioning the accuracy of their marketing material.
  15. how to set a 80% Charging limit?

    I don’t have my Taycan yet (hopefully within 2 weeks), but I did do some research on charging. The basic charger has an option for 50% power or 100% power. The Taycan doesn’t have a way to limit current to 32 amps, for example, on a 40 amp circuit. That’s taken care of by your charger, not the...
  16. Wow - No Open Campaigns On My 2022 4S

    I don't know if they know anything more than the SA or not, but I would *guess* so. It seems like it has to be recorded somewhere by the time that the car gets to port so that they know if work needs to be done on it prior to delivery to the dealership. But that's all guess work on my part.
  17. Wow - No Open Campaigns On My 2022 4S

    Here’s the schedule (reposted from another forum member)
  18. Production Started in July, Still at the Factory 3 Months later?

    I may be the member referred to in an earlier post with the MY22 showing up in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been able to figure out if there’s a specific package or body style leading to the delay of MY21’s, which now has me thinking that it’s the chip shortage. It may be that the 22’s have had...
  19. Question about Cargo Ships out of Emden

    I’d do a search for that document in the forum, find the poster, and ask them. I had the same problem you did in finding the schedule. I just happened to see this one posted, and snagged it.
  20. Question about Cargo Ships out of Emden

    Somebody else posted this elsewhere on the forum. Can’t remember who or which forum, but I can’t take credit for it.