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  1. PanameraFrank

    Volcano Grey or Dolomite Silver?

    Beautiful car! This is a great photo of how Dolomite really looks. Lovely color.
  2. PanameraFrank

    Volcano Grey or Dolomite Silver?

    In terms of briefly seeing it or from a distance, I can see that. But in terms of owning it and walking up to it, definitely not as dark as it first appears. It also appears darker the dirtier it is, definitely a color you want to keep clean. Also, again, it's a color that looks best without a...
  3. PanameraFrank

    Volcano Grey or Dolomite Silver?

    Dolomite Silver is a very blue silver and cool in hue. It's not a warm or dark silver like GT can be. It is a striking color but very particular and certainly not a traditional silver. Volcano Grey is a very dark, warm color. Dolomite silver is a very light, cool color. Sounds like you want...
  4. PanameraFrank

    Glovis Sunrise Taycan Cruise

    Oh man, this makes me sad. I was hoping it'd be up here sooner but now it seems end of July might not happen. The two detours before Benicia are going to eat up a lot of time.
  5. PanameraFrank

    Porsche Taycan....Is It A 'Real' Porsche? - Marc Priestley F1 Elvis

    I absolutely hate the "is it a real Porsche" thing that people constantly throw around. All Porsches are real Porsches, they just serve different roles. With that said, IMHO, the Taycan sits with the 911 & 718 as the Porsche sports cars. I've owned both a 2017 Panamera Turbo and Macan Turbo and...
  6. PanameraFrank

    My Matte Black 4S is here! Comparison to Model S coming

    I REALLY like that wrap. Very, very nice choice.
  7. PanameraFrank

    1 Month Owner of 4s Review - the Good, Bad, and Ugly.

    I agree with the above. Does the car have glitches/bugs? Sure, but every Porsche PCM I've ever used does. If you're buying a car for the excellent software.. you're at the wrong dealership. Porsche has made strides and now has an average to slightly above average infotainment system but it'll...
  8. PanameraFrank

    Taycan 4s vs specs sheet - real world 0-62?

    I've seen 3.6 posted elsewhere, haven't seen anything to indicate it's faster than that. Of course, my Panamera Turbo had a confirmed 0-60 in launch mode of 3 seconds flat. But in every single situation other than a drag race the Taycan 4S is faster and it isn't close. Which is actually crazy...
  9. PanameraFrank

    Just ordered....

    The dates listed are always estimates. I'm guessing they don't want to tell you the listed dates because they probably will be delayed.
  10. PanameraFrank

    Just ordered....

    If you ordered in May and they don't have a production date for you, they didn't actually have an allocation. Actual allocations already have a lock & production date (estimates, of course) built in. For example.. when I ordered my car in early February it was an allocation for a March build...
  11. PanameraFrank

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Not yet but it should add an ETA once they're back underway. The ETA from Denmark to the Panama Canal was accurate to within 3 hours. I can't imagine it'd take more than 14 days, though. I'd be shocked if we don't have our cars by the end of July.
  12. PanameraFrank

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    FWIW the Glovis Sunrise just reached the Panama Canal! It doesn't look too busy so I think it'll get through today and head for Cali!!
  13. PanameraFrank

    1 Month Owner of 4s Review - the Good, Bad, and Ugly.

    I really like the 20" Turbo Aero wheels and I know a lot of others do as well. There will always be a slight compromise in aesthetics for Aero wheels but they're good looking, IMO.
  14. PanameraFrank

    Dealing with the front license plate

    There are a couple of good photos on the 2nd page. It's drilled on to the top of the bumper and, uh, quite awkward. The ticket is only around $100 and a non-traffic violation that doesn't affect insurance. IMHO, don't get it installed unless you start getting ticketed often. You could get...
  15. PanameraFrank

    Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    The 21" wheels are 20mm wider front & back, so you will have less traction. They will also be less efficient and I'm not sure if there are winter tires available for them yet. You could always buy a set of 19" or 20" to swap on for winter. If you're actually planning on driving in snow, that's...
  16. PanameraFrank

    Review on autotrader

    Agreed! I love the shorter reviews that skip the over-repeated fluff and talk about practical things. The range part is very nice and they did a great job describing real world use & results. Great review.
  17. PanameraFrank

    'Standard' leather vs. Olea leather?

    Fun fact about the race-tex option. It's the same cost as the full leather, but it's also the exact same as the standard interior except it adds a race-tex steering wheel, seat bolsters in race tex w/ I believe the sport tex centers and two strips on the door panels. Otherwise the...
  18. PanameraFrank

    1 Month Owner of 4s Review - the Good, Bad, and Ugly.

    Thanks for the write up! I agree with pretty much everything! Someday, maybe, Porsche will let us delete all the gloss black in these cars. One can dream, right? I think the iPad screen protector is a great & functional idea for the climate screen. Which Aero wheels do you have?
  19. PanameraFrank

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    A window trim swap will cost several thousand euros, so I'd try to pick the one you're sure you want! The car looks much more modern with the black window trim, IMHO. The chrome is decent if you're going for a more classic look, but it doesn't seem to match the rest of your build. Just my 2...
  20. PanameraFrank

    Porsche Taycan Configurator Online. Share Your Build!

    I'd consider going with black window trim to match the wheels. I personally don't find the side passenger display to be worth it. Seems like a nice build!