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  1. buruburu

    PNWR Autcross Event #9

    A fellow autocross (Brent) was at the event taking photos and he managed to take a video of me moving my Taycan on the 4th run going thru the slaloms and the final turnaround. Thanks a bunch Brent!!!
  2. buruburu

    PNWR Autcross Event #9

    Second autocross outing for the the Taycan 4s in weather much better than last month. Based on learnings from last month, started the pressure at 36 PSI (37 according to the in car TPMS) and kept it there by bleeding out air between runs. Tires took 2 runs before coming alive and getting up to...
  3. buruburu

    Cruise control skipping numbers

    Holding the stalk for ~2s will cause it go up to the next 5mph speed. e.g., if you're at 31 MPH, holding it for ~2 seconds will increment it to 35 MPH and if you keep holding it it'll go to 40, 45, 50, MPH etc. Another thing to keep an whether ACC / PID is keeping distance w/ the car in front...
  4. buruburu

    Getting stuck/ can’t unplug at EA Chargers…

    My preference is to stop the DC charging process from the car by pressure the disconnect button next to plug. What I do is... 1) First check if the door handle is retracted, because if it is, the car might of locked itself. 2) If the car is locked, I press the unlock button on my keyfob...
  5. buruburu

    Charging limits

    Tried it last night and it worked perfectly!!!
  6. buruburu

    Charging limits

    Based on what I read on what optimize does, I don't see how it would work properly for me. At home I use a JuiceBox charger and my utility rate in Washington is flat rate across the entire day. Optimizer would have nothing to optimize off of and would probably just charge past 85% since...
  7. buruburu

    Charging limits

    Here's an example of how I have my car setup so that it doesn't charge more than 85% while I'm charging at work. I have minimum set to 85% so that it immediate charges up to 85% and then I set my preferred to 1-6AM since I know I'm not going to be at work during that time. Usually that works...
  8. buruburu

    Regenerative braking finally working

    I've spent time in both the 4S and the RWD version of the Taycan and there are some differences. First and foremost, regen only occurs if there is capacity in the battery to receive the regen. So if your battery is fully charged, the car will not regen cause there's no capacity to store the...
  9. buruburu

    muting audio

    I think the issue is that the OP turn the car off first and because he did that, steering wheel control no longer functions. Only other option may be to pretty the volume down button in the center console where the climate control is. After a while I think it'll be 2nd nature for us to just...
  10. buruburu

    ABRP How to sync to actual battery state of charge?

    When I last looked into it, it looks like the only way for ABRP to get the data is to use Tronity and I get the feeling that they're just logging into the Porsche owners page to pull the information since they ask for you Porsche account info. At that point my response was "Nope", not giving...
  11. buruburu

    PNWR PCA Autocross Taycan 4S Report

    Yeah, I didn't have the best gearing in that car at the time. Later switched to the 5-speed transmission. When you cut the weight down by 900lbs and run slicks that are meant for rain conditions in the dry, you find that you are going way way faster than what you were before.
  12. buruburu

    PNWR PCA Autocross Taycan 4S Report

    One of the hardest thing to learn to do in autocross is to turn your head to look ahead. You may think that you're doing it, but there's a good chance that you're not. There are times where I'm not even looking thru front windshield and instead looking thru the side windows. That's typically...
  13. buruburu

    PNWR PCA Autocross Taycan 4S Report

    My Taycan is w/ the standard brakes. Reason was because I was planning on running 19" tires which typically has much better extreme tire options. This is actually becoming much more difficult than I had originally anticipated as I would need to have custom wheels made and not been able to find...
  14. buruburu

    PNWR PCA Autocross Taycan 4S Report

    After 6 months and 12K miles, I finally got around to taking my 4S to an Autocross event hosted by the PNWR PCA down over at Bremerton. Conditions was damp and rather moist in the morning, but mostly dried up by 4th runs expect for a damp spot at the last slalom. Car is still on the stock...
  15. buruburu

    Two Speed EV transmission a good idea?

    The Taycan uses a dogleg clutch gear box. If the Taycan has a PDK, the instantaneous high torque will likely shred it to pieces.. Dogleg gear boxes are traditionally used in very high HP racing cars for their durability. It's also why there's a very noticeable clunk when the Taycan shifts...
  16. buruburu

    are all rear cameras this bad?

    I'm making assumption here that people are thinking that they should be getting the same quality image that they get from their 4K TV. If that was the case, I can easily see the hardware that would be required to do that to easily be another 5-10K if not easily another 10-20K. 1) Lenses are...
  17. buruburu

    Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    When you have the map selected in the instrument panel, click the right scroll button to go into the detail menu. Scroll down and you should see an option called "Always Night Mode" (IIRC). Make sure that's not checked. Once you do that, day/night map is tied to whatever the light sensor...
  18. buruburu

    Payment declined error at Electrify America

    I've been to that location. I hated it. Got just as angry as you did trying to figure out which charger to park next to. GRRRRRRR
  19. buruburu

    Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    When I was purchasing my Taycan, I had to make a similar decision except not only was a debating between the Base & 4S, I was also considering the CT 4S. My biggest issue w/ buying a base Taycan is resell. On the used market, option doesn't really end up contributing much to the overall resell...