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  1. Boss Hogg

    Demo of Active Parking Support

    I have this option and used it around town in my previous Audi. I had tried and failed a few times in the Taycan but had not realised you have to push the park assist button a second time after it finds a space, thanks for sharing!
  2. Boss Hogg

    What a brilliant car...

    Nice. I'm approaching 6k miles now and still smiling ear to ear!
  3. Boss Hogg

    Dogs transport in CT

    Yes, it's the size 1. They are really well made.
  4. Boss Hogg

    Ride height when parked

    Does the car have your driveway saved as a GPS location to activate 'lift' mode? Perhaps delete all the lift mode locations and see if it solves it.
  5. Boss Hogg

    Sporadic Bluetooth Loss on Startup

    My car does the same, not quite frequently enough to take it to the dealer but very frustrating when it happens.
  6. Boss Hogg

    Received Neptune Blue Taycan Cross Turismo 4S (CT4s)

    lovely colour, looks great :like:. My alarm has been fine, hope you get it sorted soon.
  7. Boss Hogg

    DEFINITIVELY, is the 22kW charger option of any use in UK?

    I optioned 400v as it was low cost and gives extra flexibility. I also have the 22kW charging option as we have them at the office and there are lots of them in rural locations, the same places you can easily get caught out. Worth noting that (in Scotland at least) many of the 50kW DC chargers...
  8. Boss Hogg

    Short Road Trips: Weekends @ Irish Castles 🏰

    Good to see a few bottles of Scotch hiding in the cocktail bar ;)
  9. Boss Hogg

    Island holiday with Cross Turismo

    Mr losbter had been in the wars losing part of a claw, was penalty meat left for two. As f1eng says the barnacles are due to old age, still tasted great.
  10. Boss Hogg

    My 850 mile trip from Oxford, UK to Lake Como Italy

    Enjoy the trip, hope charging reliability improves.
  11. Boss Hogg

    Taycan camera problem

    I've had the white screen before, goes away after locking and unlocking the car.
  12. Boss Hogg

    Cherry popped! Just ordered my 4S Cross Turismo!! EDIT: Car Delivered!!!

    very nice, black is best for the CT :like:
  13. Boss Hogg

    Short Road Trips: Weekends @ Irish Castles 🏰

    Looking forward to this, Ireland is on our list! My brother is in Ireland on holiday at the moment but decided to leave his brand new (1 week) e-tron RS, he was concerned about charging.
  14. Boss Hogg

    Island holiday with Cross Turismo

    It is an"Achilles Universal car protective bumper shield, No more scratches Black 100x70 cm". Available from multiple online sellers.
  15. Boss Hogg

    Black Cross Turismo 4S collected

    my consumption over 4,000 miles is 2.6mi/kW. I do drive it like I stole it, addicted to the acceleration. There are so many factors feeding into range, I am happy that the car is setup to be efficient as it can be on longer motorway trips, can get a little over 3mi/kW on these. Best range...
  16. Boss Hogg

    RWD Motor Sound vs 4WD?

    I thought the non-sport, standard sound was an amplified recording of the motors played through a single speaker in the front of the car. Sport sound a more aggressive version with 3 extra speakers in the rear.
  17. Boss Hogg

    Rear seat missmatch still present?

    My CT was delivered in August, the front (18 way sport) and rear (4+1) don't match.
  18. Boss Hogg

    PCP versus Leasing

    I went lease, slightly better tax position and I didn't want to own the car after 3 years due to rapidly evolving tech. I found it was cheaper to go for a lower mileage deal and pay the excess rate, Porsche was surprised too so play around with mileage options. The service/maintenance/tyre...
  19. Boss Hogg

    Wireless charging - pointless?

    it's useless 1) difficult getting the phone aligned to charge and 2) phone overheats and turns off when it does charge.
  20. Boss Hogg

    Rear seat missmatch still present?

    mismatched in what way? I have 18-way sport seats and 4+1 rear.