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  1. ron_b

    More Carbon UPGRADES for My Porsche Taycan Turbo S! | SHMUSEUM VLOG 2

    I know there are many folks that have mixed feelings about Tim @SHMEE500 but he has a recent video that talks a fair amount on some Carbon Accents for his Taycan Turbo S by Zyrus, a Norwegian company. You can skip to 1:00 to get right into it. More Carbon UPGRADES for My Porsche Taycan Turbo S...
  2. ron_b

    Instrument cluster faulty

    You must shut and lock the car for about 20min for it to go into deep sleep. Then check it. Else it's service appointment time.
  3. ron_b

    OMG Elon really does lie

    Well related to Tesla lies with a Porsche Taycan connection. Tesla fan David Crosby says he’s been lied to four times about EV delivery TESLARATI
  4. ron_b

    Porsche Announces Mission R EV Sports Car Concept

    Latest Car and Driver article 1073-HP Porsche Mission R Previews the Electric Future of Customer Racing
  5. ron_b

    How to set to profile to only charge to 85%

    In 2021 models they added ability to limit charging speed to 200kW, but there is no current interface to limit charging limit within the car. However, for USA customers using the Charging NA app there is a Settings parameter to set charging time limit. So you can set that but then you need to...
  6. ron_b

    📣 Official Release: 2022 Porsche Taycan Upgrades & New Colors

    Looks like some new hardware for self parking and maybe improvement to thermal management, though I noticed better battery heating after the most recent software update as well when going to a charger with my 2020 Taycan 4S. 2022 Porsche Taycan Gets Flashy New Colors And Faster Charging...
  7. ron_b

    Electrify America Poll

    Just to quantify from latest data on my tracking spreadsheet that I build from imports of Porsche Charging and add missing sessions as I get about 98% end of session screen shots. Since Nov 2020 EA Sessions: 114 Charging Hrs: 87.03 Charging Power: 4.44545 MWh (corrected capitalization) Charging...
  8. ron_b

    Replacement vehicule during maintenance

    I've had a Panamera SE Hybrid and Macan S. When my vehicle was in for over 4 weeks I got a Taycan 4S. I have been very satisfied with Porsche Stevens Creek, even with some hickups they treat me very well, even though I have no other Porsches and no prior relationship.
  9. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    With just over 12,500 miles I had to take Stealth back into Porsche Service for the Power Loss Vehicle Recall with some trepidation; however, it was unfounded. Taken to service Monday the Aug 2nd and back in my hands Aug 3rd. A excellent loaner as well (T4S). Very happy to have a short post...
  10. ron_b

    12V death while plugged in - can we declare victory?

    I agree it would be nice to have an option to auto-unlock on charging complete, but I understand why it's not the default. In europe the Type 2 cables usually belong to the vehicle not the station so it's locked to prevent theft. In America it's useful when using a Tesla Destination Charger...
  11. ron_b

    Shmee150 Review: Is the Taycan Turbo S the Electric Car for Me to Buy

    I think Tim (Shmee) is like brussel sprouts, some people hate him some love him. I posted not to convert anyone, just for the folks that do listen to him. He does have a lot of followers.
  12. ron_b

    Shmee150 Review: Is the Taycan Turbo S the Electric Car for Me to Buy

    Shmee is Finally coming out of the woods (of EV charging wows) now that he has his Shmuseum. See his comments on his new charger In the first video but the electrician needed to pick up a breaker and you can see it live in the second video. This is an impressive charging unit (CTEK Connected 2)...
  13. ron_b

    Is This The Most Beautiful Electric Vehicle Charging Point Ever? - EV Charging Installation - Artisan Electrics

    First I start this thread with what I found to be a very educational video where The installer talks about the kind of wire that would be optimal having five conduit if you want to support three phase and having an ethernet carrier as well to handle data when Wi-Fi is not solid or you wish to...
  14. ron_b

    Track Your Dream tracking service email received for my Taycan

    I used the same Dream Tracking technique. Worked well for my July Build, October Shipping, November 2020 Delivery. 😁
  15. ron_b

    Electrify America is doubling its charging network by 2025 with 10k chargers at 1,800 fast-charging stations

    Well you may be giving Tesla a bit too much credit, they did start the network in 2012. So 9 years to get where they are with 25000 units world wide but many more units per site than EA so as far as location I think EA is already on par for the United States. That being said Tesla still runs a...
  16. ron_b

    The Porsche Tequipment Rear Bicycle Carrier For Cross Turismo

    This bike carrier for the Taycan Cross Turismo is an amazing piece of German Engineering. Has lights and a an extended license plate. The Porsche Tequipment Rear Bicycle Carrier Porsche
  17. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    Sorry, it's been a while since an update. All is fine. Have now put 1200miles on Stealth in the last 9 days. ;) We are bonding, you know! Did my Bakersfield trip left San Jose 100% arrived 245mi later (4hr 13min yuck traffic on Interstate 5) at 13% with 38mi est. range so 283mi and I was not...
  18. ron_b

    Please Welcome Stealth

    Stealth has returned yesterday after 72 days, with about half the time for the software update and half the time for air conditioning repair. I’ve only had a few drives to re-bond with the vehicle. But tomorrow I take it for a trip to Bakersfield Porsche To pick up the roof rack and box that I...
  19. ron_b

    Drive2Extremes - Taycan Cross Turismo X Johnny FPV

    At first I thought some of the segments must have been artificial like flying though the rear window or going into the dirt in slow motion. But see more details on how these video was made. Behind the Scenes: #1 #2 #3 The Hacks: #1 #2 #3 Official Porsche posting of the 3 min video that...
  20. ron_b

    Are my reliability worries misplaced?

    FYI I hear in a pcarwhisperer video that in the 2022 models that plug and charge will work with the 19.2kw onboard chargers.