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  1. Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    10 months and 8700 miles in and this describes my experience exactly
  2. Curbed Mission E wheel

    I tried to get them to replace the wheel but they we adamant that would only do so if the car was undrivable. Otherwise cosmetic repair only. Fortunately we found a shop that is very good at it.
  3. Curbed Mission E wheel

    Here‘s picture of one of the two times we’ve curbed our wheels (apparently we are slow learners). Both times we had it repaired at a local detail shop. Both times it came back looking brand new. Yours looks nasty but if they know what they’re doing you should be ok
  4. Rock Chips on Mission E Wheels Paint

    we have the body color painted wheels
  5. Rock Chips on Mission E Wheels Paint

    The local dealership told me the code was OQ-C9A
  6. Rock Chips on Mission E Wheels Paint

    We got a chip on our wheels the first week we owned the car. Now 3000 miles later and fortunately nothing else. We touched up that spot and it looks better but still “touched up”. You can find paint to match at
  7. General scratches on mission e wheels

    We have these wheels and noticed a rock chip within the first couple of weeks of owning the car. Nothing else since then so I can’t say if it’s going to be be an ongoing issue. We’re going to have it repaired by a local rim specialist. I would still opt for the wheels as I think they are the...
  8. issues locking the car after opening/closing the boot/trunk

    We have a similar issue. When the driver turns off the car and exits and closes their door, if another door is subsequently opened and closed the car turns back on. In other words, the drivers door has to be last door to close or the car fires back up
  9. Bluetooth and personal user settings

    My wife and I have separate Porsche IDs and we use separate keys. The car does a good job to remember our personal settings and adjust accordingly when one of us enters, except for Bluetooth. When one of us enters the car, the seats, instrument cluster, etc will adjust to our settings, but the...