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  1. faroutinNM

    Heads up display

    I didn't find it immediately, but after a little playing around: You just click the selected tube control (rightmost steering wheel button) until the HUD is selected (next click after the rightmost tube is selected), click the right scroll wheel to bring up the HUD control menu on the HUD...
  2. faroutinNM

    Heads up display

    The Taycan HUD has a very effective Brightness setting that sticks quite well, so you don't have to repeatedly set it. Rarely, after an OTA update I need to go back in and set it again. It would be interesting to know where the dealer had it set when you tested it. PS- For those who feel that...
  3. faroutinNM

    Hazard Warning Lamp Reprogram...

    Yes, I coincidentally experienced the warning just a few weeks ago, and was very pleased with the way it works. Too bad US regulations will once again take a useful function from us. It happened just before I heard or read anything about this function and the recall. I was starting out quickly...
  4. faroutinNM

    Brake Dust?

    Here you go.
  5. faroutinNM

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Here are some photos shot at Albuquerque Civic Center:
  6. faroutinNM

    Brake Dust?

    Like the OP's mamba-green image, I've got silver-rimmed Mission Es (except with black-spokes) and PCCBs on my Turbo, and after 6 months with a few cases of hard braking and fortnightly gentle detailing the car and wheels (not with a spray-washer, but with soft microfiber and my loving hands)...
  7. faroutinNM

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Sounds like a nice life, being in the warm latitudes part-time. I've only been to the Baja west coast and south end, but would love to explore Mexico City and some Mexican wilderness areas someday. I've got to persuade a stubborn spouse on that. Avoiding a car-jacking would certainly be...
  8. faroutinNM

    noise insulated glass?

    I think great insights can be attained by observing the interior noise levels while stopped at red lights at some noisy intersections. Test drive and make these observations in both glass-versions, and contrast. I've only tried the non-insulated once, but the additional interior noise level was...
  9. faroutinNM

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Not sure what might warrant hazarding the extreme danger inherent in a red light violation. There might be a rare daytime case or two that could be worth it, but we're talking edge cases here. That said, sincere expressions of courage are ever essential. If I start by waving a white flag (or...
  10. faroutinNM

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Parenting and Parent-care planning levels: Expert. :fist bump:
  11. faroutinNM

    Head-up display no longer working

    I've just experienced the same HUD failure symptoms, so I've now joined the 12v-Reset Club. This is the first real issue I've encountered with my Turbo, which was built during February 2021, in which an item actually ceased to function properly without healing itself after a brief time. If...
  12. faroutinNM

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    MY2021 Turbo on 21" Mission Es
  13. faroutinNM

    How do I get just outside ventilation, No heat or AC?

    Hmm. I think for what you want, you would go to the climate screen and switch off "A/C" (also ensure "ECO" is off), but set a non-zero fan speed (on the console pad).
  14. faroutinNM

    AC and Navigation screen protection

    Here you go:
  15. faroutinNM

    Plaid beats Taycan Turbo by 11 seconds around ring... will Porsche respond?

    Just wanted to share this info, so here you go:
  16. faroutinNM

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Nice photo. You have photo skills and style. Lighting, angle, focus, color, composition, and beautiful urban framing. The placement of the red details and directional lines really works, too.
  17. faroutinNM

    Wheel lock key

    Then IMO you need to pursue it as their failure to deliver the product for which you paid.
  18. faroutinNM

    Wheel lock key This shows you where the inflator is, and the socket for the wheel lock is the silver circular piece in next to the inflator.
  19. faroutinNM

    Sport Sound: any app developers? Porsche pay attention!

    100% agreed. Still, there are these gems from the Porsche team, too: // “It’s not going to have a synthetic sound in terms of a Starship Enterprise sound or a synthetic naturally-aspirated-engine sound,”...
  20. faroutinNM

    Anyone Get the Trunk Foot Wave Thing To Work?

    Same here, and if my hands are still full when I want to close it, I use the "C" position to close, just for grins.