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  1. Satin_Volcano

    New Vivid Racing lowering kit installed on my Taycan Turbo S

    Porsche claims they will void the battery warranty if the car is lowered, guess they are fearful it will bottom out over speed bumps and damage the battery?
  2. Satin_Volcano

    VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    I had AG wheels make these and ensure the OEM center caps fit.
  3. Satin_Volcano

    VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    Its Expel PPF on Volcano Grey
  4. Satin_Volcano

    Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Thanks, Just took that with my iphone, no editing as all
  5. Satin_Volcano

    VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    If the Batman and james bond collaborated and designed a car
  6. Satin_Volcano

    Regret Standard Interior?

    I have the upgraded leather in my car (chalk). Had a loaner the other day with the standard. Honestly felt so cheap. You are spending 6 figures on a car, whats another 4k
  7. Satin_Volcano

    Got pulled over today…

    Ive been pulled over twice and let off both time, both cops wanted to talk about the car
  8. Satin_Volcano

    Spec, delivery and hello!

    My vote......:cool:
  9. Satin_Volcano

    Opinions on this Taycan shirt I designed?

    Please don't post pics when it arrives I feel like it would however go well with the typical corvette owners starter pack
  10. Satin_Volcano

    I cracked....

    @Persuader Looks great, I had a similar wheel on my E63 and loved them What are the specs on those, have you adjusted the ride height? I have a call into Porsche to see if they have one of the techs adjust the "low ride Hight" by 10m
  11. Satin_Volcano

    I cracked....

    Ordered these this afternoon.. Looking forward to see the difference in range and look Does anyone know who carries a 21 inch winter tire.. Id like to use my mission E wheels for winter. Thanks
  12. Satin_Volcano

    Powered Charge Port Cover - YES or No?

    Yes.. It's a cheap option that's cool and gives the exterior a better look
  13. Satin_Volcano

    21 inch winter tires on Mission E wheels?

    What brand is making 21 inch..I just ordered 22 inch for summers
  14. Satin_Volcano

    21 inch winter tires on Mission E wheels?

    Has anyone wrapped their Mission E rims with winter tires? I plan on using mine this coming winter and would love to hunt down a set Let me know, Thanks
  15. Satin_Volcano

    Taycan Turbo S Before-After Pics With Zyrus Carbon Fiber Parts

    Id be interested in the Rear wing lip...Maybe a group buy for us guys!!!