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  1. John89

    Air condition failture

    Let them put dye in the system and track down if it’s a Freon leak. Happened to me twice already
  2. John89


    Had AC go out twice, bad O-rings, Freon leaked out
  3. John89

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    I have a Turbo S and max range I ever had was 242 miles @ 100%
  4. John89

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    13253 miles 30.3kWh/100 35 mph
  5. John89

    Perfection on Four Wheels

    I am waiting to drive the EQS and see how the range plays out. If it rides nice and the range is real good, may be next car to consider.
  6. John89

    Glitches. Any others have a radio that doesn’t work or

    Wireless apple car play glitches frequently.
  7. John89

    How many charge to 100%

    248 its says
  8. John89

    Taycan 4S gets 323 mile real world range in Edmunds EV range test!

    Yesterday was a highway day. Guesstimate had me at 223 miles @ 85%. I drove a total of 154.3 miles and had 41 miles of range when I parked. That's about 195 miles (Maybe, if I was lucky). This was driving almost all Tollway and highway. Speeds up to 100 and cruising at 85-95. A/C on to 70...
  9. John89

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    I live in Chicago. When winter comes, its cold as hell here and heat is mandatory !!
  10. John89

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    It is a massive impact.
  11. John89

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    Much, much better. 280 mile guesstimate @ 100% today. Seeing about 225 miles at 85%, real range, driving all the way down. Saw a real 242 @ 100% a month or so ago, drove down to 10 miles of range.
  12. John89

    Malfunctioning Charge Port

    My car is at dealer (yet again) for 2 recalls. The first for the unexpected total power loss issue, and the 2nd for a new charger port wiring harness issue. I am being told that the wire harness for the charging ports needed to be replaced and that they had to remove the door to do so !! "there...
  13. John89

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    Great car, drives really well. Buttoned down very, very well. Smooth and responsive, very good driving dynamics. Good looking. Electronics, many glitches. Reliability, poor for a Porsche product.
  14. John89

    How many charge to 100%

    12179 miles 36 mph 31.2 kWh/100mi
  15. John89

    How many charge to 100%

    Never have I gotten more than 242 miles on a single 100% charge. But on my summer schedule, I can drive 150 miles a day and I need to charge every night
  16. John89

    How many charge to 100%

    I charge to 85% when needed and always run down below 20% before charging. If I am leaving car sitting for a few days or maybe a week or so, I will charge to 50% and unplug.
  17. John89

    VIDEO: Taycan turbo S vs Aventador, M5 G-Power, Panamera turbo S, R8, RS6

    Drag racing in the quarter mile is the sweet spot for the taycan. Run them on the highway over 100mph and then see what happens.
  18. John89

    New user questions about estimated range

    If I drive it like it's NOT a Porsche, 245-250 miles @ 100%. If I drive it like its a Porsche, considerably less. Anything over 60-65 mph for an extended period will crush range. Over 85+ MPH, like its supposed to be driven, its about 200-215 miles of range @ 100%.