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  1. Dolomite Silver Taycan Cross Turismo CT 4S Wrapped in Satin PPF

    Someone on here did it on their gentian blue, it’s absolutely incredible! You will not regret it.
  2. UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Ordered March 3rd(or 5th don’t remember) CT 4S,spec locked May 21st, picked up on the 24th of September . Only second key missing
  3. Pics of Cross Turismo next to Sedan?

    Funny, I think the exact opposite! Different strokes for different folks I guess…;)
  4. Which UK dealership are you using?

    West London Porsche, Thomas Godfrey is your go to guy.
  5. First impression 4S CT

    Some more observations…. standard lights…. I don’t drive on dark country roads as I live in west London however I can definitely tell a massive difference from the Matrix lights I had in the Cayenne. The LED light are still very good, but I can definitely see a difference in light projection...
  6. First impression 4S CT

    Collected my 4S CT on Friday, I placed the order and put the deposit down the day they announced the CT, order was placed at west London Porsche. After much delays the car was finally here! Here are some of my initial thoughts after driving over the last few days, didn’t get to do a proper...
  7. Bose system on the Taycan, is it a good system?

    Definitely not as good as the Burmeister in my Taycan, when I played Music through Tidal on the Burmeister the sound was pretty top notch, not perfect but definitely the best stock car stereo system I’ve owned. Funny thing is, in the Taycan if I play through tidal, it sounds very flat! But with...
  8. UK delivery production delays

    Finally ! Picked up my CT 4S today!!sooooo happy! Ordered march, and after several delays it’s here with only a missing key! 🎉🎉
  9. PCM 6.0 in Cross Turismos being shipped currently?

    Can anyone who took recent delivery in the UK of a cross Turismo confirm which PCM you have? In an article I read it says Taycan has a basic version of 6.0, not quite sure what that means 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. PCM 6.0 in Cross Turismos being shipped currently?

    Does anyone know if the Cross Turismos that are currently being shipped already have the PCM 6.0?
  11. Anyone in the UK waiting for a car that's been built?

    Apprently mine arrived at the port over the weekend, Handover within the next 1-2 weeks
  12. UK delivery production delays

    Nope. Last update was Tuesday and it was in Emden. Was told 3-4 weeks, so mid/late September. I’ll be out of town until the 19th so hopefully as soon as I’m back.
  13. UK delivery production delays

    Slipped to 20/7 completion, still on track as of yesterday. DM me,Maybe I can get you in touch with my sales guy. He’s Great!
  14. Delivery delays

    Mine was pushed back to July 5th build completion, and yesterday was told it is now July 20th! 😭😭 oh well…. At least the trade In value for my Cayenne has gone up 6-7k! Silver lining…..
  15. UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Same, said 300 orders cancelled( mine delayed by two weeks, late July early august delivery .
  16. UK delivery production delays

    Sales rep confirmed car is now showing finish build As July 1st 😭😭😭 Was hoping to collect before Silverstone, guess that won’t be happening .
  17. UK delivery production delays

    I put down a deposit the same week as you, but was told I was the 5th I think. I have a feeling they had 5-6 slots for June build , so it sounds like we are in the same boat. I’ll email my sales rep. Who was your sales rep?
  18. UK delivery production delays

    Yes, factory build. Expect to receive 16/07
  19. UK delivery production delays

    Interesting my 4S CT is scheduled into body shop 11/06 and vehicle completion 18/06. Also West London Audi But haven’t heard anything new, last update was May 19th.