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  1. Vim Schrotnock

    PPF or extra options

    Yes, PPF and Ceramic is expensive - let's say $8K. But on a $200K car I would say it is one of the 'must have' options. This is my first experience with PPF and ceramic, and I can say I've never seen anything like it. The car stays clean even in the worst rain/snow and washes off with just a...
  2. Vim Schrotnock

    Plaid beats Taycan Turbo by 11 seconds around ring... will Porsche respond?

    The driver is indeed struggling mightily with the car - constant sawing of the steering wheel and great driving. I'm amazed there is no roll cage in the car - that had got to be one scary lap. I'm very dubious that the stock brakes were used, to the point I'll say no way. This is a massively...
  3. Vim Schrotnock

    Anyone Get the Trunk Foot Wave Thing To Work?

    I've been practicing kicking, but it's really hard to hit the button with your foot...
  4. Vim Schrotnock

    Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    OK, first of all, this is the best car I've ever driven - by a long shot. It redefines 'daily driver' for me and I just don't see anything even remotely close to this car in terms of the combination of performance, quality, driving experience, and exterior and interior styling. I love this...
  5. Vim Schrotnock

    Instrument cluster nav map won't stay on 'North Up' setting

    STILL having this problem. It appears to be completely random, but once a week or so I have to reset my map settings to get 'north up' and 'satellite view'. Somebody should be flogged about the head and shoulders...:punch:
  6. Vim Schrotnock

    POLL: What's your Porsche experience level?

    OK, I haven't owned a boatload of Porsches (4), but I've driven the heck out of them. 25K street and 2K track on my 2009 Cayman S, 110K street on my Panamera GTS, 8K track miles on my Cayman Interseries, 12K on my Taycan so far. So, close to 150K street and 10K track miles coming up. I'd be...
  7. Vim Schrotnock

    Clear protection film (PPF) on the Taycan?

    I've been very happy with Xpel Ultimate - 13 months and it still looks new. I'd definitely hesitate to get a PPF that claims to have 'lifetime' ceramic properties as well. My installer put 4 coats of Ceramic Pro(Gold - 4 Layers of 9H & 1 layer of Light ) on the entire car and recommends a...
  8. Vim Schrotnock

    Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    What is the difference between Olea and full leather?
  9. Vim Schrotnock

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    Ok, let's first of all understand that this is not a minor problem. Ambient lighting, seat heating, frunk gesture opening, intermittent comfort access, poor cellphone reception, non-functioning EA stations, these are all minor issues. Having a crap rearview camera in a car with some of the...
  10. Vim Schrotnock

    Tire Pressure will not reset after inflation and driving.

    I've had this happen multiple times, and will be taking this into the dealer. I've switched from 21" summer to 20" summer tires and the TPMS resets for a few days and then it comes back to the warning shown below. I switch it back to 21" and it is ok for a day or two, then gives me the same...
  11. Vim Schrotnock

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    The Assistant (to the) Associate Junior Manager of Mediocrity at Porsche likes your point of view!!🤔
  12. Vim Schrotnock

    Interior leather question

    Tay Tay posted a good link with pics: You can see it here: Can't speak to how it compares to full leather black.
  13. Vim Schrotnock

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    OK, by that logic, the brakes stop a car, and that is their main purpose, so why complain about the feel or the modulation? and a car goes forward when you press on the gas pedal so let's not complain about response or acceleration :rolleyes: The car is amazing, but the reality is the backup...
  14. Vim Schrotnock

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    Here is just one comparison, my 2020 Taycan Turbo S and my wife's 2018 Mercedes GLE 350. The field of view, distortion and resolution are all vastly superior on the Mercedes. Again, I can't understand people who think that not being able to see as well as other cars 'doesn't materially impact...
  15. Vim Schrotnock

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    The backup camera in the Taycan sucks. Period. It really isn't a point up for debate IMO, because you can simply compare it to most other cars, and even my F150 truck, and the resolution is terrible. I'll post some comparison pics later, but I don't understand the folks that are saying...
  16. Vim Schrotnock

    Anyone do a track day with their Taycan?

    I got excited for a minute, but checked the EA map, and there doesn't appear to be anything closer than the EA west of Columbus - an hour away...:confused:
  17. Vim Schrotnock

    Weights for Taycan OEM wheels

    This is a massively heavy car that has been brilliantly engineered to cope with the weight. A few lbs on the wheels will make no difference whatsoever in terms of handling and range. Of course you'll need to pay strict attention to width/offset etc. I would focus on getting what you like.
  18. Vim Schrotnock

    EV Cost of ownership ?

    Anyone who has swapped out their tires after 5K miles want to chime in? I can’t imagine running through a set of these tires in that time unless you’re on the race track. Looking at my summer tires after 8K miles, they should be good for at least 15 to 20,000 miles.
  19. Vim Schrotnock

    Apple Music Announces Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos

    I played a number of 'lossless' files that were streaming via Apple Music. The files cannot be transmitted via Bluetooth, but CarPlay evidently uses WiFi to communicate, as all files played with phone bluetooth off. I haven't researched this at all, so any information is welcome.
  20. Vim Schrotnock

    TECHART Porsche Taycan Carbon Aerokit Released

    Isn't it obvious? For only $30K or so you can ruin both the appearance and the aerodynamics of an amazingly beautiful and aerodynamic car. What a bargain.:idea: