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  1. felixtb

    Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    Thanks! Sorry to disappoint you but I will change, however, I will assure you that it will be just as nice :cool:
  2. felixtb

    Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    spot on. I am actually changing my first generation car to a 2022 version, in the hope that some of my major and minor problems with the software have been rectified…… the car has been in too many times for software related Problems.
  3. felixtb

    New Porsche EV concept to debut at IAA

    It looks like and M on the bumper........ Wonder what it could be........ Does not look like a Macan so a new Porsche with a new name starting with the letter M............ Could be this.......... wow what a concept!
  4. felixtb

    New Porsche EV concept to debut at IAA

    Hmm. I see that I expressed my self wrongly. :) I have driven the first gen formula-e cars and find them super quick to slow and quick to accelerate with their “traditional” feel with a gear box. Have also driven the Audi étron GT and find the same quickness into the corner with their variable...
  5. felixtb

    New Porsche EV concept to debut at IAA

    I agree that changing a gear And hearing the revint if an engine is very nice but also frustrating that it comes with so much lag….. as with Formula-E cars our sportier electric car’s will have gearboxes down the line. To be able to be more precise at different speeds. Meaning the movement of...
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    Taycan Turbo S with Mission E Concept style wheels

    Sorry to say but after I waited for 6 month for a definitive answer from Rotiform I decided to cancel the order. But yes they will only be available in 22” and seems only in white….. the first is not only because of fitment but also because of material stiffness. So no 21” for the Taycan. So I...
  7. felixtb

    Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Teslas are getting better in the handling department but still not quite there compared to the Tyacan... However, if you want the car to work more of the time than the Taycan and accelerate faster than most anything that exists then sure its tempting. The new interior is a LOT better than the...
  8. felixtb

    NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    THe car seems to be working mostly…… Had the door electronics go a little weird on me a couple of times so could not open the driver door to get out……. but after a while it let me out…… :-) also some of my settings such as ambient lighting do not stay with the color I select so I think it will...
  9. felixtb

    NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    Lausanne…. but they were directly instructed via Porsche Switzerland…………
  10. felixtb

    NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    My car was worked on here in Switzerland and they have changed the control box for the transmission and the actual switching mechanism for the same. also measured and controlled the power loss in the cabling….. Got the car back this afternoon and will keep you posted if the problem reapers……...
  11. felixtb

    NHTSA investigating Taycan power loss issue

    Sorry guys have not had the patience to read all your have said. So I might be repeating some other posts. Here is my experience with this phenomenon. first time it happened I was moving slowly through an intersection in heavy morning traffic. Ans the car lost 90% of its propulsion power. After...
  12. felixtb

    Track Sessions at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek)

    That's funny! I am returning the car for a 2022....... (My electronics have been acting up a little too much..... The propulsion quite on me the other day doing north of 160km/h just for about a 10sec interval but the slowdown was very rapid and was almost hit from behind...... Not fun!)...
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    Jack stand tools

    looks great. which model do you need for the Taycan?
  14. felixtb

    FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Some spring pics:
  15. felixtb

    Have any of you had a problem-free Taycan experience?

    I have a TTS MY2020. Mechanically its a true Porsche! Electronically its still in somewhat of a beta stage...... But that said, I have driven mine as my daily driver since June 2020 and have logged up 20000km in all weather and road conditions. Its really as fun as they all say it is an possibly...
  16. felixtb

    Navigation just got so much better! A better Route Planner just released their new version 4.0.35 for iOS

    now when my OTA module finally works again it’s great to have ABRP/Tronity working together. Now we are almost as accurate as a Tesla. :)
  17. felixtb

    Have to change OTA module for 2nd time ! Last time two months ago.

    So the saga continues..... No info from Porsche or anyone with whom they work.... So I call my dealer again and they now inform me that Porsche has told them that the fix will not be available until August!! and the last time I called them (notice I all ways have to call them....) They said week...
  18. felixtb

    Audi e-tron GT Sportback/Avant (Allroad)

    No, I think there is quite a lot of difference both in the visual and the driving experience of a GTI and the S3 and the Macan and the Q5 so they work. It became really flagrant in the Urus and the Q8 and even worse with the e-Tron GT and the Taycan. And in my opinion when you pay as much money...
  19. felixtb

    Audi e-tron GT Sportback/Avant (Allroad)

    Traditionally I think you are right but since the advent of the Urus and the new Q8 and now the Taycan and the e-Tron GT I beg to differ. There just isn't enough differentiation between the cars to warrant a different name.... in my opinion. I also think that Porsche is going away from the...