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  1. DNADoc

    Sporadic Bluetooth Loss on Startup

    Have you tried the hard reboot of the PCM.....I find that solves all of my intermittent connecting issues....Press two fingers to the top right of the pcm screen and hold down until the screen blanks and a developers menu pops up. Just choose boot up normally and give it a few minutes to boot up.
  2. DNADoc

    Won’t Charge Further Than 72%

    Have you tried rebooting your charging station? Either unplugging and replugging your charger....or turning the breaker off and back on. I find that just like with computers and cable TV boxes, sometimes it is good to clean the palate with a reboot. I also do a 2 finger reboot of the PCS when...
  3. DNADoc

    Wireless Charging (UK)

    My USA vehicle has wireless charging... Buck
  4. DNADoc

    Ventilated seats always on?

    How to I get to the precool settings?
  5. DNADoc

    Pre-Cooling and Ventilated Seats

    Please share how you set the distribution of ventilated seats. Would love to know. Buck
  6. DNADoc

    Pre-Cooling and Ventilated Seats

    Looking to forum for advise. I know I can use the Porsche Connect app to pre-cool the car "manually." I have noticed, however, that when I start the car on hot days the ventilated seats are automatically set to two dots. I would prefer to start with the full 3 dot setting. Is there any way to...
  7. DNADoc

    Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    I have found that the front sensor either doesn't work or is too sensitive....However, I have solved the rear sensor problem. Rather than kick in and out, if you leave your leg extended under the bumper for 2 or 3 seconds, the trunk will open 90% of the time....and if that doesn't work if you...
  8. DNADoc

    Had another 11 updates OTA today.

    Periodically when I leave the driveway, the satellite radio and homelink are slow to come on....After about 20 seconds the radio starts, the homelink works and then as I start driving several notifications come on with a soft "ding" and then at the bottom of the PCM screen a series of messages...
  9. DNADoc

    1 word

  10. DNADoc

    Range Mode Speed Limiting Issue

    I experienced this once.....I wasn't even in range mode. I got on the interstate and decided to turn on the adaptive cruise control to 75 mph and it would not let me. As soon as I took my foot off the accelerator the car slowed to 55....It took me awhile to figure out that somehow the mode had...
  11. DNADoc

    Batmobile nearly ready to the Bat Cave

    Looks awesome. Doesn't the license plate holder block the front camera? Buck
  12. DNADoc

    336 Miles at 100%!

    I don't think Porsche had a choice in quoting range....That is established by EPA. What I don't understand is why Tesla can get away with what they do...<shaking head>. I had a listed 210 mile range with 100% of performance battery plus when I drove off the lot but now I am up to 288 mi on a...
  13. DNADoc

    Auto locking on closing back seat door

    Are you sure the child safety lock isn't on? You can also disable the "lock all doors: feature in the convenience menu. Buck
  14. DNADoc

    Porsche, please… my Taycan is not white!!!

    My color is correct in Porsche Connect....Frozen Blue....perhaps there is a problem with the registration of your app. Buck
  15. DNADoc

    The Dreaded Electrical Fault Error, pull over and park

    I have not had a recurrence of the error...fingers crossed. Buck
  16. DNADoc

    Is it safe to leave your key in the car?

    Seems obvious, but be sure to turn the car off using the power switch. Otherwise should be fine. The risk would be if the car should turn itself on since it is programmed to turn on when it senses a key and the front door is closed, Buck
  17. DNADoc

    FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Notice my wheels are painted in Frozen Blue, too! Love it. Buck
  18. DNADoc

    Taycan owners - how happy with purchase?

    Having learned about software teething issues with a Fisker Karma, I am delighted with the minor glitches in the Taycan software. The car drives like rocket ship and in sport mode, a roller coaster....and not having to pump gas is a delight. I charge the car in my garage so can't speak to...
  19. DNADoc

    The Dreaded Electrical Fault Error, pull over and park

    I had my update on August 10th.....When did the "update to the update" happen Buck
  20. DNADoc

    The Dreaded Electrical Fault Error, pull over and park

    My car was in the garage and got in and the error popped up. Got out, locked the car and walked away for 5 minutes and then the error cleared and I drove away. I have already had the recall update and am concerned this is the beginning of a recurring nightmare. I don't want the car to shut down...