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  1. CT for a Family of 4?

    It’s a tight car for a family of four as a primary family car, if you already have something else bigger it’s fine. the cargo area with the back seats up isn’t that big and the rear seat legroom isn’t that much. im a family of two and with carpool it’s tight.
  2. Llumar Matte PPF Question

    It’s still a work in progress
  3. 85 % Battery charging - where does this recommendation come from?

    has anyone here had their Taycan for almost 2 years yet? I think the first model was released around then. Any noticeable shortening of the range when charging to your standard max charge?
  4. Dolomite Silver Taycan Cross Turismo CT 4S Wrapped in Satin PPF

    VERY VERY nice. I almost did this but chickened out last minute. I love it and now I regret it. I am doing it on my gentian blue car though hopefully that turns out well.
  5. Llumar Matte PPF Question

    I hope mine turns out like that!
  6. Llumar Matte PPF Question

    I am getting it installed right now and I should have pictures for you in a week and feedback.
  7. Received Neptune Blue Taycan Cross Turismo 4S (CT4s)

    thats funny I just went out to check and mine is a manual steering column..luckily I never move it so its fine. was it a standard feature?
  8. Received Neptune Blue Taycan Cross Turismo 4S (CT4s)

    congrats it looks great! don’t they all have the electric steering column ?
  9. DC area delivery update

    I saw it a couple of days ago. looks great! it was sitting next to my GT3 in the garage.
  10. CT width - is it a problem?

    it’s a valid question. it’s much wider than I expected and definitely takes up most of the striped spaces here in the US
  11. After 45 days my Taycan Tourism Cross is.....dead

    Yikes, let us know what they find
  12. 336 Miles at 100%!

    I have yet to break 230 miles on a 100% charge..interesting..
  13. Wind Buffeting?

    I have roofbars, not sure about the others. It is very subtle but constant once you get above 50mphish. its quiet enough that if you play the radio you don't hear it or you just get used to it and tune it out.
  14. Porsche Connect (in car) Issues

    I had that problem for a day too and then somehow it just connected. its intermittent, like right now its been down for 2-3 days and i'm hoping it connects again soon...porsche is not a software company for sure...
  15. What’s the lowest range or % battery level you risked?

    I just didn't know if these things were like our phones where you might have 2-5% left and they just power down!!! what are you doing with the Taycan at VIR anyway?
  16. What’s the lowest range or % battery level you risked?

    fair enough, I did a 12 hr, 500+ mile road trip yesterday. I now have a much better appreciation of having to plan these things out. I tried to land at each charging station with about 15% battery left so I could maximize the changing speed... 1. at 3 different 350 kw Electrify America...
  17. What’s the lowest range or % battery level you risked?

    I made it him with 8 miles of range and 4% battery. I kept wondering if I could run it to 1 mile of range?
  18. Anyone near Maryland take delivery of Cross Turismo?

    Not sure where you are but I did get mine from porsche bethesda a few weeks ago.