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  1. Rumor of significant charging issue causing Taycan failures

    Had mine for 15 months now. 99% of the time charge at below 7kw, and most of the time just trickle charging from solar power at 1.4kw. Have had many probs with the Taycan, but this is not one of them...
  2. 2020 Taycan 4S vs 2021 Ford Mach-e GT

    Sorry to see you go Chrisk, but congratulations on the new car.
  3. LTE dropout

    I had a permanent drop-out of LTE after the last update. Dealer said it can be a symptom of the update, and applied another update last week (no recall reference number) and has, so far, been fine. If yours is only intermittently dropping-out though, it may be something else.
  4. Taycan key fob battery

    Dealer's probably right - the FOBs will be active when near the car (the red light will flash intermittently). I haven't had to change the batteries in the FOBs in 14 months but they are kept well away from the car. A faraday cage would also probably do the trick!
  5. Taycan not connecting to App

    Same problem since Sunday - was driving and suddenly lost all connection with the LTE symbol gone. Several soft and hard reboots later and still no mobile/cellular services, and obviously car also can’t connect to the app. Waiting for yet another appointment with the dealer. Given it has...
  6. "Adaptive Regeneration Not Available"

    I was getting this frequently at low-to-mid speeds, but only started after the WMA5 up-date. My dealer tells me it's fixed since the AMB5 update last week - haven't had the chance to check it consistently at similar speeds, but hope to next weekend. I think it's probably software related.
  7. Let us know how your recall update (Powertrain Shutdown / Loss of Power) went

    Mine’s finally done. Was in the shop 10 days with confusion about which update to install then covid problems, but actual update eventually went smoothly. Fingers crossed it works. Apparently dealer had another Taycan in for something unrelated but as soon as the recall letter was sent out...
  8. Just got my recall letter....

    Got my recall letter on Friday followed by a second recall letter today apologising for calling my Porsche a Cayenne in the first letter. Beginning to be bit of a theme of requiring updates to updates...
  9. Recall update refused!

    Car’s been in over a week now. After a load of to-ing and fro-ing between dealer and Porsche, it was finally decided to apply AMB5 rather than re-do WMA5 even though the dealer was initially told AMB5 was not available. However, large spate of covid isolations has delayed the work until later...
  10. Found Something New With Taycan Today

    I think this is (strangely) part of lane change assist (the flashy light on the mirrors). I seem to remember reading that on the configuration (although that was the 2020 model).
  11. Keep Driving before Completing Recall?

    Personally having had this happen, I’d drive, but be careful if you’ve had the WMA5 update pre-June. It does slow you down slowly so you have time to put the hazards on and pull over if you know what’s happening. However, I’d be cautious with hairy, single lane overtaking manoeuvres...
  12. Park button - a little fact for an emergency situation

    Great info, thanks. However, I won’t tell one of my regular passengers who would probably make for the button every time I hit over 60mph.
  13. Recall update refused!

    Will do. My dealer is telling me that Porsche GB has told them to redo the WMA5 and that AMB5 is not yet available no matter the fault code. Will be interesting to see what they do since the fault should be in the log and they have the time and date on which it happened. Maybe it’s a...
  14. Recall update refused!

    Got my car going in next week for loss of power issues (actually suffered). Apparently, the AMB5 update that some have got in the US isn’t available here until later in the month. Therefore, looks like they are going to reinstall WMA5. I am hopeful that a. WMA5 now already includes revisions...
  15. Gesture Controls

    My wife tried out a few “gestures” when the car lost power on her in the middle of the road
  16. Indicated range drops when entering navigation destination?

    Is it a destination you have driven before and on fast highways? I always lose a fair amount of range on the estimate when I put in a route that primarily takes me on motorways - I think the range estimate changes based upon how fast you’ve driven on that route previously with the range taking...
  17. Bloomberg News : Porsche Readies Global Taycan EV Recall to Fix Software Issue

    I echo the hmmm. I haven't been counting, but I'd imagine there have been close to 20 of us on this forum alone who have reported the loss of power problem (albeit, some were due to big battery issues and others due to software up-date issues).
  18. Bloomberg News : Porsche Readies Global Taycan EV Recall to Fix Software Issue

    Absolutely. At least in the US you guys are getting some info however confusing it may be. Absolutely nada at this end. Best I got from my dealership is that maybe if we reinstall WMA5 the problem will go away. Ironically that may actually work if the update has been updated. That makes...
  19. Bloomberg News : Porsche Readies Global Taycan EV Recall to Fix Software Issue

    The "fix" was already out there, hence the number of US posters who have had the up-date to the up-date. What is new is the recall. That makes it even worse - we know there's a problem, we have a fix, but we're not going to roll it out. From a purely economics point of view that makes sense -...
  20. Bloomberg News : Porsche Readies Global Taycan EV Recall to Fix Software Issue

    N No, but it's suspicious timing given that the issues have been documented for a long time now, yet news of the recall is only a week after the investigation was launched. Not saying there is any evidence, but just saying.