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  1. PNWTaycan4S

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Over the last year, and near 16,000 miles with many very long road trips, I've expeience about a 30% success rate on first attempt with EA chargers. Usually I have to switch stations to get it to work. Sometimes trying all the stations to get it at above 100KW. Current max at EA on my most...
  2. PNWTaycan4S

    Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    Love the car and can't wait for the next long road trip. At close to 16,000 miles, its been basically flawless. I've experienced these issues too, but they don't overcome the spectacular nature of the car.
  3. PNWTaycan4S

    Rear axle steering (RAS) - gimmick or?

    You can turn on a dime, and you get nine cents change. Love it.
  4. PNWTaycan4S

    130kw at EA

    You're a lucky dog. My first EA experience with my 2020 after the software update was getting booted off the 350KW after 5 minutes. Then getting 105KW on the working 150KW. Even though I used my Connect App it wasn't free. I got a double "charge." Car has been flawless otherwise.
  5. PNWTaycan4S

    My wishlist for the 2023 Taycan

    Great car, but a couple: Regenerative multistage paddles, like Etron GT’S and my daughter’s Kia Niro EV. Operable sunroof. (Love my 964’s) Curb sensing. (Rash prevention!)
  6. PNWTaycan4S

    Feedback From Current Owners Please

    I've never burned it up even close to 0%. With my driving style, when I charge it at 100%, it usually registers at 250 miles or so on the screen. I’ve seen others on this forum that somehow register 300 miles. Key is driving style and mode settings. I also only charge to 85%, unless heading out...
  7. PNWTaycan4S

    Feedback From Current Owners Please

    You'll love it. I have over 13,000 miles on my 2020 4S+, and its been flawless, including on a 5,800 mile road trip through the Western U.S. Received it back last week after the full software and recall software updates. Only thing needed after the update was a couple of convenience settings...
  8. PNWTaycan4S

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    It’ll be worth the wait! My 4S+ was a COVID baby. For some wait perspective: Waitlist July, 2018. Ordered October 26, 2019. First “Vehicle Fixed” November, 2019 with dealer inventory February 7, 2020. Then Fixed moved by factory to January 2020, inventory April 24, 2020. Then Fixed moved by...
  9. PNWTaycan4S

    Anyone with PSCB Calipers? How’s the noise?

    13,000 miles and always quiet. No dust.
  10. PNWTaycan4S

    Do you think it’s hard to get in and out of your Taycan?

    After multiple knee surgeries, it’s butt first getting in, legs first getting out. Do that method in my 964 now too. B-Pliler seemed tight, but I’ve gotten used to it. Use it to assist the legs out exit. Always enjoy getting in, as these puppies are magnificent! 12,000 miles off trouble free...
  11. PNWTaycan4S

    Confused with all the charging apps..

    For a recent 5,000 mile Western U.S. loop, I primarily used A Better Route Planner to start, cross checking on locations with PlugShare. Dialing up Electrify America to see if stations were online and using ChargePoint on the backroads. After knowing the plan, then I entered my next charging...
  12. PNWTaycan4S

    How often do you re-boot PCM?

    Ditto, 2020 4S+
  13. PNWTaycan4S

    New software upgrade

    As suspected, my (not so good) dealer called today to let me know they have suspended all Taycan software updates. “We are having some issues with the product updating.” I had moved it out to end of May given the forum discussions, but now scheduled for the end of June. Fingers crossed - as it...
  14. PNWTaycan4S

    Clear Side Markers

    They are “U” shaped plastic shims, glued to the old side markers. About 1/8” thick or so. One leg of the “U” larger. As advised by drivers in this good thread, a careful removal with a box knife does the trick by gently sliding the knife between the shim and the marker. The shims come off quite...
  15. PNWTaycan4S

    Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    Hope all goes well! Being suspicious of my dealer quality I called to verify my appointment on April 6th and to also see how things were going with other folks’ updates. To not much surprise they didn’t realize the duration of the update and it’s now rescheduled for the middle of May. Given I...
  16. PNWTaycan4S

    Taycan as your only car?

    Taycan 4S is my daily driver and long trip hauler. Have a ‘91 964 C2 for sunny day cruises, but find it has been spending most of those days lately parked. 4S is so much fun. My daughter has a Nero EV as her daily driver, and loving it. I have found charging never to be a problem and...
  17. PNWTaycan4S

    Production Mercedes EQS with little camo

    How would you like to replace this screen out of warranty?
  18. PNWTaycan4S

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Email received today. Link in email for service appointment was dead. Have scheduled a service appointment directly with the dealer via a call April 6th, however I think they may be clueless as I had to tell them it may take several days. I’ll monitor this thread, call the head of service, and...
  19. PNWTaycan4S

    Clear Side Markers

    Finally! Had the time and rainy weather to install the clear side markers. Thanks to all for the great instructions found in this thread, the job was quick and easy. A major improvement over the US stock. The only color on the car, other than silver or black, now resides with the Porsche crest!