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  1. NC_Taycan

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    It does - less use of regen = less range. This will go away around 500 miles. Colder battery = less range.
  2. NC_Taycan

    Problems charging using Mobile Charger Connect in low temperature?

    Can you clarify if the PMCC was cold, the car's battery was cold, or both? I can't think of a reason why the PMCC being cold would interfere with it's functioning, however the car's battery doesn't like being charged when it's cold. It will first warm the battery then start charging. Maybe what...
  3. NC_Taycan

    Identify this please? Found a pair in my glove compartment!

    PVTS = Porsche Vehicle Tracking System.
  4. NC_Taycan

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Taking up two spots is asking someone like me to let air out of two of your tires.
  5. NC_Taycan

    PCM 6 in the Taycan

    I think I recall that there was a PCM hardware difference between MY20 and MY21/22. If so, PCM 6 may not be installable on MY20 Taycans.
  6. NC_Taycan

    Taycan died at Electrify America charger - how to deal with it if it happens to you

    The 20 minute guidance is an expectation of how long after the car is locked all systems except the OTA communications module and key fob transceiver shut down. It could be nearly instant after you lock the car. It could be around 30 seconds (headlight off delay). It could be 5 minutes. It could...
  7. NC_Taycan

    Rumor of significant charging issue causing Taycan failures

    There is the known issue that below some minimum threshold of power supplied to the onboard charging electronics, the consumption and losses exceed the power being delivered causing the 12V battery to drain. This was a problem with charging at 120V at some low current setting - while slow, I...
  8. NC_Taycan

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Enjoy this while it lasts...
  9. NC_Taycan

    Home charging verrrry slowly

    BTW if you are in the vehicle with systems on (e.g. HVAC, audio), the incoming power from the EVSE will be partially consumed to power those systems. You might have 8.8 kW coming in, less 400W for everything else, so getting 8.4 kW into the battery. What is shown on the center console screen is...
  10. NC_Taycan

    Wanted: Porsche Mobile Charger (not connect)

    I've traveled just enough to appreciate the ability to adjust the advertised charging current to compensate for poor quality mains. So I would be taking my PMCC with me when travel plans call for BYOEVSE. I also like the functionality of the PMCC at home so I've decided to stick with the PMCC...
  11. NC_Taycan

    Audio upgrade for base sound system

    Two years into Model S ownership and an OTA update added a 5 band graphic equalizer to the (what was at the time the top-bin) audio system. Wonder if Porsche might do something like that for the Bose system - better than just the bass and treble controls.
  12. NC_Taycan

    Scared to ask... anyone tempted by Model S Plaid?

    Weight is the Taycan's biggest drawback. But let's say Porsche over-engineered many aspects of the car (though clearly not battery cooling). Are the suspension components beefier than they need to be? After 7000 miles and 6 track days my alignment is off from dead center by less than the margin...
  13. NC_Taycan

    19.2kW charger fix for EA charging and Plug & Charge

    [Some of] the newest EA stations are made by ABB - white fascia with green neon accents, gray sides. Sticker example below. I've had 100% success rate (not plug and charge - I have an MY2020) with these stations, both 150 kW and 350 kW (see 240 - 264 kW, once peaked at 272 kW). I've had 20%...
  14. NC_Taycan

    Need some help picking an exterior color (Neptune Blue or Volcano Grey)

    Volcano Gray is not as dark as it appears on the configurator. It's definitely gray, not near-black. I'd recommend trying to see it live - sounds like you may have done that with the Macan. However if what you saw is almost black, I'd wonder if Volcano Gray on Macan is different color than on...
  15. NC_Taycan

    PCM Error / Warning Messages: "switch account" and "shift into P before exiting"

    I have only noticed the Shift into Park before exiting message after the 12V battery is disconnected then reconnected. If you see this only when starting the car, I wonder if there might be a problem with the 12V system in your car. That might also contribute to the other problems you are having.
  16. NC_Taycan

    Dolomite silver or Volcano?

    FWIW, Volcano Gray is much more gray (lighter) than the online configurator makes it appear. Genetian Blue (my favorite) wasn't an option for MY 2020, and I was stuck between Dolomite Silver and Jet Black Metallic. I didn't want full black, and online the Volcano Gray looked to be just a tad...
  17. NC_Taycan

    how to set a 80% Charging limit?

    The key point to pick up post first answer is that the EVSE advertises to the car the maximum charging current but the car controls the actual charging current and charging process. Don't confuse [maximum] charging power (50% or 100% - controlled by the EVSE) with vehicle target charge...
  18. NC_Taycan

    Can only sign in as “guest” - my name is grayed out

    Check the odometer reading in your car and check what the Porsche website says. If the two don't match, you may have a failed telematics connection (which can be caused by either an OTA module failure or PCM communications module failure). Both will lead to this symptom.
  19. NC_Taycan

    Too many issues

    FWIW on Homelink in the Taycan, if you set one and only one transmitter at your home GPS location, you can program one of the assignable buttons to that transmitter and it becomes awesome. I use the dashboard button (steering wheel is for sport sound on/off). If you have a second garage door you...
  20. NC_Taycan

    disable auto shutdown after a while?

    Agreed. Then again, first world problem...